Coach Success Story Ashleigh Severson

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The ABSOLUTE BEST feeling as a leader is to see your team grow and succeed. This morning...logging into my coach online office and seeing this rank advancements was one of my happiest moments because I know everything that this represents.
Ashleigh is one of the sweetest and most driven girls I know. Over the last few months, I've had the honor of watching her transform into this confident woman who is ready to take the world by storm and reach her goals BY helping others.

Every conversation I have with her leaves me with a BIG smile on my face! Please help me in congratulating her on her latest accomplishment! 

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?
1. I decided to sign up as a coach because I wanted to be a product of the product. Knowing that "pushing play" everyday would help people see the magic of Beachbody and inevitably help my business grow, motivated me and held me accountable to my workouts. This opportunity means a chance at financial freedom. Even though I plan on taking my business with Beachbody to a level where I do not have to have a full time job, I still want to get my degree. Graduating from college has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and finances are the only thing holding me back. Beachbody is giving me the opportunity to pursue that degree, pay off my current student debt and regain my independence by moving in to my own place.

How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?

2. I am finally comfortable in my own skin! Beachbody and becoming a "product of the product" has helped me stay on track with my health and fitness. Yes, I still have days where I have to make a "U-turn" in order to get back on track, but the Beachbody family (especially my fantastic Bombshell Dynasty and coach Kati Heifner) make it easy to re-commit and find motivation.

As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?
3. As I begin to grow my team as an Emerald coach I hope to teach my coaches that it is okay to start off slow. My first check from Beachbody was from one Shakeology HD sale, but with hard work and determination and great advice from my coach, every check has gotten bigger. Also, I want my coaches to know the importance of communicating with their upline coaches and always having an open ear to the coaches in their downline. Everything I have learned has been from my fabulous coach Kati Heifner and her coach Lindsay Matway. Kati has become like a sister to me, it is friendships like ours that make Beachbody's magic really shine!

What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?

4. Biggest advice to people interested in signing up as a coach is DO NOT HESITATE! It took me a little longer to sign up than what it should and I look back and feel like I wasted so much time!! There are so many people out there who need help, why wait another minute to help them!!! Not to mention, it motivates you to get in, and stay in, the best shape of your life! Win Win for all!

What has been your favorite part of this journey?
5. My favorite part if this journey has been connecting with the other coaches. The Bombshell Dynasty is more than just a team, it is a FAMILY! I get so excited when I have a message or a text or a call from any of the Dynasty members or my coach. And if I had not had started this journey I may have never had the opportunity to help a dear friend in my life, Laurie Fike, who also was my very first coach. Having her on my team and in my family has been a true blessing and has given us the chance to reconnect with each other!

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