8 Tips to Lose Weight by Eating Clean

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Sunday! I have 8 great tips for you on how to lose weight by eating clean. 
Every week, I swear someone complains to me that they've been KILLING it during their workouts, they've been working out for countless hours...they do strength training and cardio conditioning, and eat pretty well but, "can't lose the belly fat," “can’t seem to lose anymore weight,” or, “can’t get cut and see definition.”
While a lack of progress or hitting a plateau COULD be attributed to overtraining, under training, under eating, or even insufficient sleep, but more often than not, physical results are prevented due to a “dirty” diet.

P90X is an AMAZING workout...but I can tell you from personal experience....I didn't really start seeing results until I cleaned up my eating. I highly recommend a book called "The Eat Clean Diet:Recharged" by Tosca Reno. It's like $8 on amazon.com and although it sounds dramatic, I'm going to say it anyway...this book is LIFE CHANGING lol
Ok so down to business...here's the deal...Starvation and fad diets DO NOT WORK! Why? Because starving slows down your metabolism and a slower metabolism means you’ll be burning fewer calories. Cutting out all carbs or all fat, from your diet DOESN'T WORK either. Your body NEEDS carbs for fuel and fats to perform various bodily functions So don't even THINK about going on one of those ridiculous fad diets! I will find out!

You need to make sure you are eating the RIGHT foods and use portion control. Chose Whole, nature foods...Fruits, leafy greens, veggies, chicken, fish...stick with the basics and eat food as nature intended.

It can be tricky though....A lot of people think eating Greek Yogurt is a great healthy option. It CAN be...but depending on which kind you buy, you can end up getting one that's packed with tons of sugar.

Same with Oatmeal...this can be healthy OR unhealthy. Are you buying the pre-packaged SUGAR loaded kind or are you buying PLAIN oatmeal or steel cut oats and adding in your own toppings (nuts, cinnamon, fruit, etc)
8 Tips to Lose Weight by Eating Clean
  1. When possible, make as many meals at home so that you know and control what’s in the food you’re eating.
  2. For wraps and sandwiches avoid cheese and condiments like mayo.
  3. When cooking lean protein like chicken, fish, and turkey, think baked, broiled, grilled, or stir fried using a non-stick spray, or a little bit of olive oil.
  4. Adding FRESH fruits to cereals and yogurt can add flavor and nutrients with fewer calories than flavored varieties.
  5. Experiment with with one of the best foods for athletes, quinoa. Many dishes that call for rice, pasta, or cereal can be substituted with this healthy, hearty grain.
  6. Drink soda as sparingly as possible.Preferably not at all- Seriously just drink water.
  7. Always opt for whole grains over refined carb sources like white bread and processed, sugary cereals.
  8. Anything with “high fructose corn syrup” is a no-no.

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  1. I love Tosca! Her blog is my daily inspiration toscareno.com. Great post!!