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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lindsey Stanley

I first signed up as a coach as soon as I tasted Chocolate Shakeology. After seeing the amazing nutrition and health benefits, and discovering how delicious it was (my daily chocolate "milkshake") I signed up as coach to get a discount. I wasn't sure about how the business part would fit in my life at all. Only after Kati plugged me into all of the Facebook support groups and including me in one of her challenge groups did I see what this business really offered to everyone. Beachbody coaches are only interested in helping people, and the results of their help is how their businesses grow. It was amazing to see! I am pretty shy, but I always loved encouraging my friends and family to adopt clean eating principles, exercise, be mentally and physically healthy - and just not give up in life! Seeing that this was exactly what Beachbody is about made me realize that I can be successful in changing people's lives.

I've been pretty hip to fitness and nutrition trends for many years, and always shared that information with others. But, I obviously never found the right formula for me - something I can stick with. I was a big Jillian Michael's fan, but... I never got real results because my diet wasn't right. I was 155 lbs. (considered skinny by all my co-workers and friends, but at 5'7", I really wasn't) when I was given Brazil Butt Lift by my friend. Looking for a workout schedule led me to Kati Heifner's blog, Shakeology, and then coaching! Kati provided me the Bombshell Nutrition Plan (based on clean eating principles) and after 6 weeks of eating clean and working out, I lost 15 lbs. and over 3 inches! I also gained awesome leg muscles that you can see! I became a product of the product! Seeing this, my sister signed up as a coach, began drinking Shakeology, and Turbo Fired her body into amazing results. I also have helped a co-worker change her eating habits to clean eating and that alone has helped her lose over 30 lbs. in just 2-1/2 months. Even my mom now is looking into changing her habits for good and getting healthy!

At first, family and friends who were NOT on board. At work, I got made fun of for always eating! Clean eating has you eating every 2-3 hours, and it's actually a lot of food. I heard a lot of, "How are you going to lose weight eating all that food!" There was always someone bringing in treats and candy, and not accepting the first i "No thanks". It took a lot to move past the lack of support. I also have two little girls to feed! They were used to a lot of healthy meals, but were sad that my meatloaf and buttery mashed potatoes were out of rotation (at least until I started looking for clean recipes).

I also work full-time and go to school full-time, so my workouts were done at about 10:30-11:00 at night! The constant support from Kati and our facebook challenge group kept me going until I completed the program. I was so happy I did.

My hope for my team: To not give up on themselves and continue this journey for the rest of their lives. I hope to give them the support and encouragement I got from the awesome Bombshell Dynasty team. I hope that they share their experiences with as many people as they can. There success is because someone (me) shared with them. We all need to pay it forward!

My favorite part is the team I am a part of.  I'm not in this alone!!  Any questions, concerns, worries, happiness, is shared and there is always someone there to help me out.  People I have never met have been some of the best supporters of my journey.  I credit this connection as THE reason I was successful and continue to improve my health and fitness.

I definitely recommend it for anyone who seriously wants to change their own life and help others do the same!  Becoming a coach means being a product of the product.  And the sooner you do it, the sooner you start changing yourself!

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