7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eating is ALWAYS the hardest part! I def have some suggestions for you- let me try to keep it brief but really I could talk about this all day long because it was the HARDEST thing for me to conquer

#1 Don't think of this as ALL or NOTHING. You aren't depriving yourself of the things you love FOREVER...you are simply living in moderation. Eat clean 90% of the time- and if you mess up...don't beat yourself up over it. And DEF don't give up!!!! I see far too many people say "oh...well I messed up so I might as well just....eat this whole box of doughnuts and try again tomorrow' NOT GOOD.

#2 One Meal/One Decision at a time. Think of it as little wins along the way. Instead of thinking...I have to eat healthy for 90 amount of days so I can lose weight...I want you to break it down into little choices. Ask yourself...can I eat healthy for breakfast? yes! ok boom one success/one stepping stone closer to your goal

#3 Understand WHY you're doing it. It can FEEL like deprivation when you limit yourself from the things you love...until you realize what you GAIN from ditching thing. For me, my trigger food is ice cream. My mouth starts watering when I think about it haha If I think of it as something I have to give up...it makes me want it more. BUT! if I think about what ice cream is keeping me from doing (looking and feeling good about my body, being confident, wearing the outfits I want to wear. feeling sexy for my bf, loving my body) then suddenly ice cream doesn't seem so important or worth it. I don't think of it as something Im losing...I think what am I going to lose because of it! LIBERATE yourself from the things that don't serve you

#4 Keep Trigger foods out of the house. Clean fridge= clean diet. This is a very simple concept...but if you have a family it becomes more difficult. Especially if your man loves junk. If you keep the junk out of the house you wont eat it.
It's a little embarrassing to say...but there have been MANY occasional where I walked into the kitchen...looked in the cabinets for junk to mindlessly munch on...found nothing...sat down...got back up looked again...rinse...wash...repeat
If you ONLY have veggies, fruit, nuts, and healthy options in the house you wont binge in your moments of weakness. This is when Shakeology SAVES me haha

#5 Plan and prepare. This is prob THHHHEEE MOST IMPORTANT tip I can give you. YOU HAVE TO PLAN YOUR MEALS. This is a non-negotiable if you want to have success. Planning your meals will save you time, MONEY, food AND keep you on track. Honestly...if you dont do this...you are setting yourself up for failure.
Pick a day of the week to sit down and plan your meals, make your shopping list, go shopping, and then PREPARE some snacks, chicken, etc....
This was absolutely key to my success. It was EASIER to heat the chicken and veggies I made than to stop at Wendys.

#6 Plan a cheat meal
Let's be real for a moment. If you are anything like me, you are addicted to chocolate and sweets. Or pizza! There are celebrations, birthday parties, LIFE, etc...Things that could get you off track. Instead of driving yourself crazy- thinking you can never have pizza again...just schedule it in! One meal a week- you can have whatever you want! If there is a party, make that night your cheat meal night. No guilt and the next day you get right back to your normal HEALTHY eating.
Honestly, I love cheat meals because they remind me why I eat healthy 95% of the time. I feel bloated, lethargic and all around crappy after I have them. It honestly makes me WANT to eat healthy the rest of the week haha

#7 You can eat a lot and lose weight! It just needs to be the RIGHT foods. I can honestly say I am never hungry and I weight less than I ever did. I load of on the good stuff...VEGGIES!
Anything you eat should come from NATURE. I aim to eat everything in it's natural state- one ingredient (Ex: Oatmeal, chicken, broccoli, e eggs...) Get the idea? Things like pasta...crackers...chicken nuggets...all have crap added, preservatives out the wazoo. That stuff makes your body hang onto the weight.

If you need help with WHAT you should be eating, I highly recommend a book called ":The Eat Clean Diet:Recharged by Tosca Reno.
Life changing! Im not even kidding


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about this! I just wrote about how I have been struggling with my diet this week, and this gave me the motivation to keep going with it! Thanks