Honest Ultimate Reset Review

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I recently asked my coach Sarah Krchnavy to write an HONEST and through review about The Ultimate Reset. She what she has to say:

I ran into the Co-Creator of the Ultimate Reset
at the Whole Foods in Santa Monica, CA! 

Before the Reset, I had a lot of issues with cravings, wanting fast food, having trouble with motivating myself to work out after a gallbladder surgery in October 2012. My body was reacting to food in a whole different way, my workouts were exhausting. My fitness level was completely different after surgery.
In December 2012, after seeing other people complete the Reset and the results from it, I decided to get it a shot. Initially, I was extremely worried about how it would give me results as well my extremely picky eating habits. I like what I like; I don’t like to stray from that.

On January 2nd, I started. The first few days were AWFUL. I was foggy,weepy (crying at a drop of a dime), frustrated with everyone. I nowrealize it was my body adjusting to the new world on the Reset. My
body was reacting to a HEALTHIER lifestyle. By Day 4, I felt so different. Clear, light, well rested, energetic. I thought I washealthy before, this was a completely different feeling.

I did struggle with the food…but I gave them all a chance. I actually became ADDICTED To green beans, cauliflower, Miso soup and quinoa. I kept wondering who this person was eating three healthy meals every
single day. My body was reacting a whole different way to food – it was FUEL. My body felt tighter, stronger, and leaner. I felt a whole new appreciation for spending time and cooking my food. I knew EXACTLY what I was consuming. I knew how to prepare food.
By week three, my body felt so incredible

I was 10 lbs. down from January 2nd. A total of 19 inches from my body all over, and I went from an extremely tight size 4, to a size 2, which are lose on me!!! 

I never thought in my WILDEST dreams I’d be this size. After the reset, I started into a hybrid program of Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat. My workouts have been SO incredible after the reset. My muscles are more defined, my body is getting leaner, and those stubborn hips are finally going away.
If you have any doubts on doing this, don’t. It’s life changing. It makes you realize what you put in your body as fuel should be healthy,and organic. You only have one body. You only have the one chance to
get it right at the moment. The reset gives you the chance to restart.
There is nothing like feeling the way I feel now.

-Sarah Krchnavy
Questions? Connect with Sarah http://www.facebook.com/SKrchnavy