Bombshell Support Group

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Introducing....dun da da dun....The Bombshell Challenge and Support Group!  If you are anything like me...a normal girl balancing it love for food with my love with a healthy & FIT know it's all about MODERATION and keeping it FUN!

Life can get hectic and crazy (and it always seems to be everyone's birthday). My hope is to encourage and guide you to find a fun balance between everything you are!
Thank you for being awesome, checking out my blog and allowing me to learn from you, share ideas with you and get to know more about your story! You guys inspire me like crazy AND help ME stay on track toward MY goals! xoxo

If you would like to be in my Private Fitness Group on Facebook...where I share ideas, recipes, workouts and offer support and motivation then what are you waiting for?!

What kind of party would it be without your friends? Feel Free to Invite them =)