Healthy Clean Eating Tip

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In my challenge groups, I have so many women who are afraid to OVEREAT. Instead of stressing about calories... just keep things SIMPLE! 

As Michael Pollan said “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
What would you rather do? Starve and as soon as you eat again, gain all the weight back PLUS some OR practice balanced eating. Eat whole foods without counting calories (& even give yourself a cheat meal once a week) to STOP the YO-YOing and turn this into a LIFESTYLE where you actually get to LIVE and enjoy food

#1 Spice up your life! I CANNOT be the only one who thinks veggies can be icky! haha BUT!! Seasoning is your friend & if you learn how to  make them correctly and seasoned those babies... I promise they will fabulouso!!! 
#2 Portion Control! Your protein portion at each meal should be the size of your closed, tight fist.
#3 Load up on Veggies! Veggies pack a lot of punch! Nutrient dense but low in calories. You can cook them anyway you want that doesn’t add fat (steam, eat raw, boil, bake, grill, etc!) It’s hard to get bored because there are so many options! 
Instead of counting calories or “dieting” just make eating clean a LIFESTYLE! You’ll feel better, more energized and your skin will look amazing! 
PS If you are eating on a budget, frozen chicken and veggies are SOO inexpensive! Especially if you hit up Costco! 


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