Beachbody Coach Basics Training: How to get your coaches to engage and participate in your Coach Basics Training Group

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beachbody Coach Basics Training Group
How to get your coaches to engage in your coach training AND get excited about it! 
The most successful coaches are the ones who actively participate in the group by comments, asking questions and giving suggestions/recommendations to others. 

Some key points I go over:
How I provide recognition
How I motivated my Coaches to participate
How I invited them to participate
How I got results by initiating responses in the Facebook group
How I created packets to send to the participating Coaches

My tips and strategies on: how I get my coaches to participate and to be excited about the group!
The lessons are great but in my opinion the learning really happens when coaches engage in the group, post questions, and interact with each other. 
My job as is a leader is to help my coaches stand on their own two feet and grow away from me. I will always be there for them but I want to them to be independent of me. 
The first thing you must do before you even add anyone to the group is you have to be clear about what it is and what you expect from them. Be very upfront about the requirements. 
Some of your coaches may not have a lot of experience on Facebook or very much experience in the groups. If you were to tell me that I would be in a Training group...honestly I would think Im just in the group to listen, learn and only speak up when I have a question. 
You have to set the expectation and let them know what is the purpose of your group!
Here is a sample script that I use in my group
"Coach Basics is NOT a group where you are a fly on the wall. 
For the next 30 days, I'm committed to SHARING great tips, tools, and techniques that will build your business and teach you the 3 Vital Behaviors of a successful Coach. I can give you the tools but its up to YOU to implement them. I put a lot of TIME, Energy and my HEART into this training. It's not JUST posting in some facebook group for's about building a FOUNDATION for YOUR dreams. MY MISSION as a coach is to help young bad ass women entrepreneurs live up to their FULL potential, fulfill their dreams, and INSPIRE other women to reach for greatness. For those reasons I take this VERY SERIOUSLY!!!! 

This is NOT "just another Facebook group" In here, you will form friendships, lay the groundwork for your FUTURE and HELP ME build OUR TEAM. You are not a wallflower in here...I literally NEED your ladies help in creating not only an amazing experience for you...but also to be a part of something that inspires others to take action.

This group is for us to share our experiences and hold each other accountable. Please plan to participate every day so you don't miss out. I love comments and questions, so post away! This isn't just about the business- Beachbody is PART of our lives not our ENTIRE lives so I love to talk about other things too! (fashion, shoes, puppies, glitter...hehe) 

But BECAUSE I take this so seriously, I have a Strike 3 Policy. Your participation is vital to YOUR success and the success of this group. If you miss more than 3 assignments, I WILL remove you from the group and you can and request to join one at a later date once you show me you are serious."