Healthy and Natural Dog Food

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I love my puppies sooooo much! I want them to live to be like 30 years old haha I figure, if I am trying to eat healthy and take care of myself, why would I give my babies anything less than the best?
Baby Bear & Winston

Since I work from home and I am my own boss..I kinda of consider myself a "stay at home dog mom" haha And even though I have the time to make fresh dog food, it's a ton of work and makes a huge mess. I'm ok doing it once or twice a week but it was a lot to make our food and their food everyday.
I just found this stuff from "The Honest Kitchen"  Basically it's dehydrated (human grade) food for your pups!
I am alll about reading reviews and ratings before I give them anything, so make sure you check it out and read up for yourself
 Basically, you figure out how much your baby needs...then mix the dehydrated food with warm 5 mins PRESTO you have awesome dog food.
I like to add some supplemental ingredients that Winston's breeder recommended like Tripe, Norwegian Kelp and a little Pumpkin for the fiber (it helps them digest new foods easily b/c I don't feed them this everyday) 

The results: Smells icky! Like greens and nasty meat haha But the pups went WILD for it!!! 

Thanks Mom!

We also tried "Embark" You can buy it in these little trial boxes! Super cute but look how green and yucky it looks! hahah

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