Why I DON'T want a bikini body....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy WEEKEND!!! This is my "hurry & throw clothes on to let the dogs out" outfit hehe 

This is the time of the week when we can easily get derailed and maybe a lil...ahem...lazy  I'm so guilt of slacking on a Sunday ESPECIALLY when it's COLD out!
But I recently had a moment of clarity with my goals...I DON"T want a #bikiniBody ...I want a HEALTHY, STRONG, NOURISHED body that I take care of and FUEL properly! I want to feel proud of myself ALL year. 
FORGET trying to lose weight for a vacation...a wedding...etc... STOP yo-yo dieting and trying to quickly shed weight for the summer...PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS and focus on living a healthier life...eat REAL FOOD and move your bootayyy! 

It's NOT about being perfect but it should be about BALANCE! I'm not happy when I'm not living up to my potential...but it's no fun if you're obsessed with a goal and ignore or neglect other important elements in your life, like your relationships! You guys know...if I'm not having fun...I won't do it! haha So have fun with your fitness....have fun with your food...and when you do SPLURGE and have yourself a "happy meal" (aka a cheat meal) ENJOY that sucka! 

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