Top Elite Beachbody Coaches: Success isn't Where You Start

Friday, February 7, 2014

Often times in my past I would play the BLAME GAME -- or I would focus on what I DIDN'T have VS what I did! -- As you might imagine… that mindset didn't take me very far…

Trust me, if you look for reasons why you MAY NOT succeed at whatever YOUR goals and dreams may be… YOU WILL FIND THEM and they will seem LARGER THAN LIFE! However, if you shift your focus and lead with that you DO have… finding ways to offer VALUE to other people, treating them the way YOU would want to be treated… and keeping forward movement day in and day out, no matter how many challenges arise… refusing to give up... YOU WILL see your dreams come to fruition!

The six girls in the picture above are all 6-figure+ earners in Beachbody in just 1-3 years. We all started from different backgrounds, with different challenges, experiences, networks, etc… but the one thing we had in common was our desire to inspire and help others, our longing for more freedom and our willingness to believe and act on our dreams!

I know it's easy to look at the picture and point out reasons WHY they were successful, but rather than judging a book by its cover, let me tell you just a few things these girls had stacked against them:

- One had to file bankruptcy at 25
- Another struggled with alcoholism and had 6 DUIs before deciding to change her life.
- MANY of us had alcoholic parents.
- One is a high school dropout.
- One lost a boyfriend to suicide.
- Another lost her brother to cancer.
- Their are 7 kids between us all.
- One started the business pregnant and had to battle major insecurities.
- One was laid off from her 6 figure+ job and had just had her 3rd baby.
- Another had a premature baby with a 90% chance at cerebral palsy.

MANY of us had never had any real track record of success… We didn't necessarily KNOW what we were doing… but we started and never stopped… Focused on WHY NOT ME instead of "WHY ME?" and if more people would do that… I KNOW we would see a huge shift in the world around us!

It's not about where you start… or even what you've been through… it's how you decide to use that pain and turn it into purpose and create value for others!