Accountability Pictures to Stay on Track!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One thing that has always worked for me is taking a weekly accountability picture to stay on track. When you have to get into a bikini each week, it reconnects you with your "Why" aka The REASON you started in the first place and why it's important for you to keep pushing to reach your goals. I NEVER want to feel bad about my body or bad in my own skin....that feeling and mood affects everything in my life. Back in September when I gained weight (see below), I just wanted to stay home in sweats all day
Anyway, hope this inspires you! YES it takes time and dedication but you'll get there!
Take a weekly pic to remember why you are busting your booty! 

No one ever looks happy in their "Day 1" Pics haha 
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  1. Hi - Love your site and wonderful work. Wondering if your before pics at 130lbs and after pics at 109 were before and after BBL alone. I saw that you did P90X as well....which one brought you the most results? Thanks

  2. Wow that's incredible! I do BBL and Insanity. Did you just sticking to the BeachBody workouts for these awesome results?