2014 Success Club Trip: Beachbody Cruise

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's here! The annual Beachbody Success Club Trip! 
I am OFFICIALLY in {{Vacation Mode}} I kinda feel like EVERYDAY is a vacation day because Jay & I adore what we do! BUT this time it's for realsies because we are going away!!

March 24-March 29 I'll be spending time with my team (and my biz partner/fiance hehe) on an exclusive BEACHBODY only Caribbean Cruise  

Sometimes this job doesn't feel real- everyday gets better & better. 
PS I just want to THANK everyone who believed in me from the beginning & trusted me enough to give me a chance. I too thought network marketing was weird and icky...until I fell in love with P90X and Beachbody. I had NO idea what I was doing in the beginning...other than sharing something that helped me.
It's easy for people to hop on board when they see you are successful (and I LOVE inspiring those people) but it takes a special kind of trust to help someone get STARTED. I have NOT forgotten about you friends! I will be FOREVER grateful and I love you!