Brazil Butt Lift on Sale!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Shut up! Brazil Butt Lift (my favorite Beachbody workout & one I think every woman should own) is on sale! APRIL 2014
Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack SALE}}}
As embarrassing as it is, here are MY Brazil Butt Lift results (weird quick fix weight loss companies are always trying to steal my results for their crappy products so I have to watermark everything! lol ) 

What can you do in 6 weeks?!?

Who would like to reshape their BOOTY with me? I am starting a 30 day Smokin' Booty Challenge that will be focused on firming and reshaping your LEGS, TUMMY and BUM BUM following the Brazil Butt Lift program!
It's created by the same trainer the Victoria Secret angels use! This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Beachbody program (as you can see from the pic!) so you KNOW I'm ALL IN!!

YES, you are going to have to eat healthy and work hard. Yes, you will feel like a total moron trying to do some of Leandro's dance moves. 
BUT Yes, you will have a smokin' hot bod & booty if you follow the program haha
I'm hosting a 30 Day Smokin' Booty Challenge which begins April 21st! 

If you would like to participate...Here's the dealio:

Bikini season is FAST APPROACHING ladies... It's time to TURN UP THE HEAT & get serious!

Here is what I cover in the challenge:
- How to create and live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than just a short-lived QUICK FIX.

- How to OVERCOME the SELF-SABOTAGER inside you and live your BEST LIFE


- GROUP camaraderie (people who are headed in the same healthy direction as YOU!)

- Guidance with your nutrition! (I give you the EXACT nutrition plan I follow!)


- RESULTS!!!  End the 30 days a BETTER, STRONGER, more CONFIDENT YOU!!! A foundation for success...and if you can handle it...30 more days of accountability!


What you need: 
  1. Purchase the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack from this link. It will ensure that I am your coach to help you through the program! (On SALE April 2014- Get it while it's on promo! I LOVE a deal! hehe)
  2. Be mentally prepared to begin and give it your all! Excuses won't get you me...I've tried that method haha 
  3. APPLY HERE! The more I know about you and your goals, the better I can help! 

If you have questions about the workout, you can head over to my BBL page. It's still a work in progress but it might help answer some of your questions. If not, shoot me a message =)
Brazil Butt Lift Q&A Page


  1. Hi do you have to buy the program through here to have you as a coach?

    1. Hey Sara,

      You don't have to but I recommend doing so. When purchasing through a coach, you usually get a bonus & support AND amazing customer service. Hope that helps!