How to Become a Top Beachbody Coach: A lesson in Leadership

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 I L-O-V-E what I do  Being a Mentor is NOT about bossing people around, micromanaging my team or babysitting them...My Passion is in teaching them how to GROW into their fullest potential.
It's about COACHING people and bringing out their natural talents & abilities! 
I'm looking for people who have the DESIRE to lead from the front! The people who don’t sit back and wait for instruction- they leap into action and FAIL their way into success. 
I'm blessed to be surrounded by incredible leadership on my team who don't wait around for results- they just go out there & give it their all

If you have leadership blood running through your veins, if you have the desire to OWN your future, to throw out the alarm clock (and work from home with your puppies & your man) --->> I'm looking for YOU!

If you are a COACH & you want to listen in on the fun LEADERSHIP call Brigitte Linford and I co-hosted, head on over to:

As you grow into your leadership's very tempting to become a:
a) Fire Fighter- helping coaches deal with "a crisis"
b) Cheerleaders
c) Online/Facebook Junkies
d) Micromanagers 

You are a MENTOR: that means you lead by example! You TEACH your team and then TRUST them. You let them make small mistakes along the way (they have to learn!) You have to be patient and focus on THEIR goals...NOT your goals for them. You have to learn how to speak to each personality type- get to know your coaches and what is most motivating to them. 

I want you to think about...HOW ARE YOU SPENDING YOUR TIME?
As hard it is might be...when you wake up, I want you to IGNORE FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS! I want you to ignore your email. 

Instead...I want you to begin your day by reading your "Mission Statement"  
Why is coaching important to you and what legacy do you want to leave as a coach? TRUST ME- that will reconnect you with your Why and get you fired up for the day!

Second, I want you to think about your goals and list them. THEN you should be creating your "To do list" around those goals. Determine what THREE things do you need to get done today that will POSITIVELY impact your business & you'll KICK yourself for not doing! These items should be about BUILDING your business, creating valuable content and a way for people to FIND you! 

Third, I want you to CREATE content! Work on those 3 things! You do not want to stay your day being "Reactive" and responding to every urgent coach question. The resources are available for them to find the answers and you should have already taught them how/where to find the info (if not, you need to!) 

Next, I want you to think about what direction you are leading your team. This should be on your mind everyday- if you dont know where you are are you going to get there?

Are you laying our CLEAR CUT goals for yourself and your team? Are you rallying your team behind a BIG goal that they can ALL aim for and feel proud to contribute to?

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