6 Tips on How to Take Weight Loss Accountability Pictures

Saturday, May 17, 2014

6 Tips on Taking Great Progress pictures!

Eeee! 30 days until Summit!
One thing that has realllyy helped me stay accountable to my goals is taking weekly progress pics! Just knowing I have to get into my bikini every Sunday is enough to keep me away from the ice cream
But not all progress pics are created equal

If you really want to showcase your results (even if it's just for your own reference), follow these 6 tips!

1) Chose a simple background where YOU are the focus
2) You should be well lit- try to take high quality pictures
3) Take multiple pictures of your front, back & side. (Arms relaxed & arms flexed)
4) Stay consistent- wear the same outfit each week!
5) Use a spouse, roommate, friend to take pics. If you're flying solo...DL a timer app for your phone. I've set mine on bookcases- it's perfect because you know you'll get the same angle each week. Get creative!
6) Don't chop off your head! Did you know...you can win $$$ for your transformation with Beachbody workouts?
For a complete HOW TO on taking pics & measurements, watch these! 
1. http://youtu.be/vxWXJMleqo4
2. http://youtu.be/G9ZnioXCRhU

If losing some lbs isn't motivation enough for you...maybe some extra cash will push you haha
Enter the challenge here --->> https://teambeachbody.com/beachbody-challenge/enter-contest?referringRepId=193752

Alright your turn to share lol What are some of your favorite tips to stick with your workouts?


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