How to Erase the Background of Image on PicMonkey

Friday, June 13, 2014

Borderline obsessed.

Here's the crazy thing guys...I am NOT a professional. There are so many amazing pros out there who can create stunning images with fancy editing software.

Me? I'm just a normal everyday girl. A blonde entrepreneur kicking bootayyy in my business (with my sidekicks Winston & Baby Bear) because we LooOOvveee to help people --- and... we have a serious creative ITCH!  

I get a buttload of questions about PicMonkey.
How I use it, how I did "that," how much do I pay, etc. etc. etc.

1. You can do SO MUCH with the FREE version! I have the paid version because I love having so many fonts haha
2. I've been using & PLAYING WITH PicMonkey for about a year now. The more you play around with it...the more you learn.  So hop to! Just start creating!
3. There ARE tons of tutorials on youtube & picmonkey's blog

4. I'm most creative when I'm having FUN. Blast that 80's pop, throw your hair in a high pony & let the fun begin!


Today, I'm teaching you guys how to:
  • Erase the Background from your pics so you can add them to fun background
  • How to create a transparent background so you can reuse that sucker over and over without having to constantly erase the same background 
Original Image

Couple things I forgot to mention in the video- 

#1 The "Undo" arrow at the top is money! Mess up? No worries- you're one click away from undoing your disaster

#2  You don't have to make the background transparent- it just makes it easier if you plan to use that image multiple times (See this tutorial if you don't know what I mean: How to Create Beautiful Images) 

If you find these helpful, please share my blog and/or pin these pics!

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  1. Hi Kati!

    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your PicMonkey tutorials. I've never tried PicMonkey before because I couldn't wrap my head around it (much like other photo editing programs... like Photoshop). But your tutorials have really helped me out in creating really awesome images! Thanks so much for sharing! I've enjoyed every single tutorial you've put up so far!


  2. Thanks! This was very helpful. I know that PicMonkey can do so much more than I think!

  3. Thanks Kati!! That was so helpful!!

  4. This is great! Simple and Straightforward! Thank u!

  5. thanks so much!! Cant' wait to check out your other tutorials !! I know that picmonkey has so much more to offer. Just wasnt sure how to get to it !!

  6. Thank you very much, your video was very helpful!

  7. Thanks so much for this video! It was exponentially helpful!

  8. Thanks a just new to picmonkey & this tut was just on time :)