Quick Bathroom Upgrade: Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quick Bathroom UPGRADE! I HAVE to share this with you guys because I love mine so much  

Instead of using a regular shower curtain rod...Opt for a curved shower one!
All of the sudden...your tiny shower TRANSFORMS into Narnia haha  You open that shower curtain & it feels like
 there is a supernatural amount of space. (Perfect elbow room for big guys like Jay hehe)

This simple upgrade is inexpensive & easy to install!

Worried a curved shower rod will jut into the rest of your bathroom space? You have to check out this nifty one that rotates IN when you aren't using it!

Another nifty upgrade idea...Upgrade the knobs on your vanity! You can use something funky and untraditional like a door knocker OR just get pretty new knobs! 
(Found this on Pinterest with broken link. Not sure who to credit for the image)
Let me know if you want me to post more home decor ideas! Im going to be doing a lot of decorating when we get to our new house in Florida!


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