Team Beachbody Summer Sale Promo

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's that time of year again....Summer is right around the corner (June 21) and everyone wants that beach ready bod!
To get a beach body: Put on bikini...go to beach. BUT if you want to look and FEEL amazing, confident, carefree...then it's time to buckle down!
For those of you who have workout A.D.D. like me... now is the perfect time to stock up on some new workout programs because TeamBeachbody is having a Summer S-A-L-E!! Eee!

When: WEDNESDAY,  June 4th at 12pm PST until MONDAY,  June 9th 12pm PST (thats 3pm EST)
What: Beachbody Summer Sale MANY items are marked WAY down for a limited time
Why: Beachbody wants to help you feel CONFIDENT this Summer ;)

**I am HAPPY to help support & encourage you no matter what your health or fitness goals are. I work with a new group of women EVERY month in a private group on Facebook. I'd love for you to reach out & contact me if you need some support!**

So.... here we go guys!!!

Check out the Sale here: Summer Sale 
Or go to SHOP and click "Summer Sale" in the top left corner

Ok so what's on promo? The good stuff!

Workout Programs Sale prices will be reflected starting June 4 at 12pm Eastern 

  • P90X  Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (coach price $44.93)
  • P90X2 Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $59.90  (coach price $44.93)
  • Les Mills Pump Originally $166  Discount 50% off = $82.93  (coach price $62.20)
  • Les Mills Combat Originally $60  Discount 40% off = $35.91  (coach price $26.93)
  • ChaLEAN Extreme Originally $90 Discount 34% off = $58.95  (coach price $44.21)
  • Tai Cheng Originally $120  Discount 50% off = $60 (coach price $44.57)
  • Slim in 6 Originally $39  Discount 37% off = $24.95  (coach price $18.71)
  • Hip Hop Abs/Rockin' Abs Originally $20  Discount 50% off = $9.95  (coach price $7.46)
  • Insanity: The Asylum + Free Chin up Bar Originally $149.70  Discount 40% off = $89.87  (coach price $67.39)

  • Barbell Weights 5 lbs. Originally $16.90  Discount 50% off = $8.45  (coach price $6.34)
  • Barbell Weights 10 lbs Originally $31.90  Discount 50% off = $15.95 (coach price $11.96)
  • Les Mills Combat Gloves Originally $40  Discount 50% off = $20  (coach price $14.95)
  • P90X Chin-up Bar Originally $60  Discount 33% off = $39.95  (coach price $29.96)
  • Stability & Medicine Ball Pack Orig $130.85  Discount 85% off = $19.95  (coach price $14.96)
  • Foam Roller Originally $30 Discount 40% off = $17.95  (coach price $13.46)
  • Team Beachbody Apparel Prices Vary. Free shipping! 
I can't emphasize this enough - if you see something you WANT -- you better grab it! This stuff sells out VERY quickly! ..... like hotcakes!

I've purchased and used almost everything on this list. I got my start with P90X (lost 20 lbs!) and eventually graduated to other programs like ChaLean Extreme and Les Mills Pump & LM Combat

If you've been scouring Ebay or Amazon for a deal...or waiting for a sign...HOP on this! I know all about shopping for a deal, but this is your chance to get it straight from the the original packaging with all of the bells & whistles so you can ensure you get off to a good start!

(That's actually why I saved up for months to buy P90X back in 2010! I wanted to do it RIGHT)
Good luck everyone! Prepare for the THRILL of a good online sale because this stuff is going to "fly off the shelves"  lol