Shabby Chic Guest Room

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bed & Dress from Restoration Hardware
My dreams of a vintage, shabby-chic, B&B-type retreat are in FULL SWING! And it feels amazing because we've never had the space to 1) create a dream retreat 2) host guests! 

In our previous home, the guest room was a twin bed tucked in the corner of Jay's office. Try to relax while he plays Xbox....yeaa not happening lol

We're making PROGRESS in the new place! The MATTRESSES for the guest room got delivered today 

I envision making this a chic, feminine, graceful, beautiful,comfy escape for my friends & fam.
Decorating is my happy place- it's not about the room or the things...I get butterflies envisioning loved ones coming over to spend time together & ENJOY the space

This room has a fun built-in bench that I'm going to load up with soft pillows {Winston stay outta here!} And I'm going to hang some pretty pictures & mirrors to pull it all together.

I can still make Jay {and our parents} happy by creating a more traditional classic look with a king sized bed in the other guest room.

We went from NO space for now having plenty of space to spread out.


UPDATE!! My guest room is complete! 

They say there are TWO types of people: "Big Picture" people or "Details" people

The say the Devil is in the details...and while the small TINY details normally trip me up...when it comes to DECORATING I am the complete opposite
I lovveee every tiny detail that makes a space feel special 

Just added the ONE last detail to our guest room (Wi-Fi Password near the beds)  And this room is ready for visitors!