Bombshell Dynasty: Rising Stars

Monday, July 14, 2014

I love my job  I get to work with some of the most amazing people  
I want to introduce some of my rising stars (and brag about them a lil hehe)

Beth Nettleton lives in Oregon with her new kitty & her Russian B/f Stas. She is the creator of It-Girl World
I Lovvee that Beth has really created a strong team culture with her girls and did a fun photoshoot with her team in the park!
She is my assistant for team retreats because she can basically read my mind 

Ashley Reynolds is my girl from Oklahoma! She reached Diamond pretty quickly in her business due to 1) her awesome personality 2) her incredible 40+ lb weight loss with P90X.
She has a pup who recently had to undergo expensive surgery & thankfully she has Beachbody to help with the costs

Amy Kozik is a wife and dog mom from Missouri. She is the encyclopedia of the team! Have a question? Guarantee this girl knows where to find the answer if it's not already locked away in her brain haha
If you need some tough love, Amy is your girl! We call her Jillian Michaels haha

Liz Horne  aka  My SISTER! Ok we're not technically sisters..but we must be related somehow. She is a true Southern Belle- so incredibly sweet (but don't let that fool you)! This girl is class, beauty AND brains all rolled in to one adorable package. She recently graduated from Pharmacy school (yes, she built her business to STAR DIAMOND in between studying), so I have NO DOUBT she'll rock it on her mission to ELITE!
She is creator of team: Dynasty Bright

Jessica Sproul is a wife & mom of 2 from Nevada. She works in {and is passionate about} early childhood special education.
She is one of the most determined woman I know- she even trained on Team Bombshell and competed on stage! #ThatTakeGuts

Last but certainly not least...

Nikki Johnson his mom/wife from Virginia is a firecracker! She is a ball of determination and hardwork! She was a blogger before and all around an incredible leader/friend/coach
Awesome-ness runs in the FAM because Nikki's mom not only came to Summit, but she will be Diamond soon.
Even though Nikki has only been a coach since Oct 2013, she is gunning fpr Elite this year! Whoop whoop!

Love you guys! Couldn't be more proud to have you on my team!

Coaching is not for everyone, but it's given me such purpose in my life...a sense of camaraderie, a sisterhood...and HOPE.
It's weird to think about how I basically stopped dreaming. I got caught up in my job and didn't think of a life outside of Retail Management.
Beachbody has opened so many doors for me- even simple things like waking up stress free (without an alarm clock)

If there is a voice inside of you telling you to start dreaming again...telling you to start believing in yourself and to start living with purpose..then what are you waiting for??
Jump in chicka!