21 Day Smart Start: Coaching Accelerated Training Beachbody Coaches

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ready to make a change? 4 years ago...I was sick of feeling STUCK...sick of feeling BLAH...sick of that overwhelming sense of being trapped.
Physically, emotionally, and financially...I needed a makeover! I found Beachbody, and while I wasn't sure WHAT that meant, I knew this was my chance to try something different...to start seeing DIFFERENT results!
I'm so passionate about sharing this and mentoring others because I have a wonderful obligation to pay it forward 
I'm providing YOU with the tools & support you need to not only achieve your fitness goals, but to guide you in building a future of freedom.

I'm so grateful that I found Beachbody because I was welcomed into a supportive community with open arms. We were able to set our little family up for financial freedom early. That freedom has opened so many doors & taken a lot of stress out of my life.
I was able to leave my job and come home full-time about 2 years ago. Being my own boss =    I wake up grateful every single morning.
Let me ask you this....
Why not YOU?
The beauty of this business is...together, we are BETTER. I'm looking to team up with those of you who want MORE. Whether that is MORE time for your family, MORE income to relieve stress, MORE positivity through supportive friendships, MORE emphasis on your health & fitness.
Whether you want to build a 6+figure business OR pay it forward by helping others...MY goal is to help you get there.
I am inviting YOU to be a part of my upcoming NEW coach training.
This is only available for MY coaches because I feel STRONGLY about dedicating my time and forming those ONE on ONE relationships.
I am 100% confident that I can teach you how to build your OWN empire... I can teach you how to build a legacy for YOUR family... from your home.
You will be held accountable & given the support you need to live a healthier, a happier, and a more fulfilling life!
So... if you are ready to get this ball rolling & want to be considered for one of the spots left for this training -
OR email me at katiheifner@gmail.com
EXCITED to start!!

21 Day Fix

Can you give me 30 min a day... for 21 days?
I'm looking for a few girls who are ready to go ALL IN with me. Most people are motivated in the spring & summer, but my sweet spot is the FALL. The upcoming holidays can be a slippery slope! lol
Here is the deal: You are going to get a workout program that tells you exactly what to do, simple but yummy meal plans, portion control to keep a lid on "too much of a good thing"  tons of support, and kick *** results.

It's simple, but it's going to take some effort and planning on your part. I want to help you learn how to make a LIFESTYLE change- not just sign up for a quick fix.
We start next week--tomorrow is the last day to get my fav program on sale! So who is in?!
Comment below with your email & I'll shoot you the deets!
Or apply here --> https://katiheifner.wufoo.com/forms/girlboss-fitness-challenge/

For meal plans in recipes, check out http://katiheifner.blogspot.com/p/food.html

My Story: Why I Became a Beachbody Coach and How It Changed My Life

Monday, September 29, 2014

Did you know...
  • I used to be a retail manager working crazy hours but I could barely pay my mortgage. 
  • I was about 20 lbs overweight despite the fact that I went to the gym almost daily
  • A relative stole $5,000 from me and ruined my credit by opening cards in my name and not paying them. 
  • Despite being a straight A student my whole life, I'm a college dropout.
  • I was too afraid to tell my friends I bought P90X from an informercial. I didnt want them to make fun of me. 
  • My "best friend" used to bring me cupcakes at work to sabotage my results and then gossip about me
  • I stopped dreaming big, and resigned myself to the fact that this was "just the way life is"
....and then Beachbody came along.

Sorry I seem a little quiet here (cramps)! I am naturally a very introverted person, so it was difficult to share my story...but I hope it will help inspire others to take the leap of faith and give this Beachbody thing a chance.

If you are thinking about joining, please fill out the application below so I can learn more about you AND please shoot me a Facebook message
Can't wait to partner up with you! 

Tampa Bay Area: Beachbody Super Saturday Event!

Monday, September 8, 2014

TAMPA BAY AREA Beachbody Coaches, I am so excited to team up with one of my besties...who just so happens to be the 2013 TOP COACH...to bring you guys SHAKEtoberfest 2014! 
Join me  & Lindsay Matway, for exclusive training...some incredible Oktoberfest fashions...and our FAVORITE Fall Shakeology Recipes!

Register now because space is limited! This event WILL sell out!
Shaketoberfest '14


Saturday Sept 27th
Doors open at 9AM
Event: 10am - 2pm

Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park

950 Lake Carillon Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, USA

Exclusive Training
LIVE P90X3 workout with Jay Jorgensen
Fall Shakeology Recipes will be served


→“Best Dressed” Contest!
Rock your best SHAKEtoberfest outfit to win a prize!
→ Submit your favorite FALL Shakeology recipe in the Tampa Coaches group.
We will pick the top 3 to serve at Super Saturday & the winner will be determined by a vote!
→ If you are one of the FIRST 150 coaches registered, you will be eligible to win a prize!


  • Attire: Dressing up is not a requirement, but it does make the event more festive and fun! For some fun Shaketoberfest outfit ideas, check out http://www.wikihow.com/Dress-for-Oktoberfest

    FALL COLORS are always in! Have fun with it!
    Wear dark green if you are Emerald Rank, maroon if you are Ruby Rank, etc..
    There will be a live workout after, so bring some workout gear! 
  • What should I bring? 
    A notebook & pen are recommended. 
  • Are guests welcome? YES! Free admission for guests. 
  • What is the cost?$15 per coach helps cover the event space, equipment and charges. 


Shaketoberfest '14