Bombshell Dynasty Team Call: Kati Heifner Attracting your DREAM Coach

Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Attracting your Dream Coach by Kati Heifner

I'm a visual learner, so here are the slides to reference!
Listen to the call & they will make more sense =) 

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Developing your Brand

Just a Girl Who Decided to Become a GirlBOSS

Monday, November 24, 2014

 In 2010, I really felt as though I had lost my way. I resigned myself to the fact that work was hard (and completely UNfulfilling), I would never be able to get ahead of my bills, and everything from weight career advancements would be an uphill battle.
Stress, weight gain, lack of confidence, and the dying of dreams started to become my reality. For a girl that graduated from High School early...bought my first house at 21...and always had BIG was such a dark time for me. The worst disappointment you can experience is when you feel like you failed yourself.
I am THE ULTIMATE Skeptic so I can't explain what compelled me to make a completely LIFE CHANGING decision...but my intuition told me to trust I typed in my SSN and paid my $40 coach sign up fee... and became a Coach (holding my breath because I was SURE it was a scam LOL)

Since that day, 4 years ago, I've gone from a stressed out retail manager working long gaining THE most important thing to me in life: FREEDOM. 
This little fitness company has helped me regain control of my life, my finances, my future, my health, my confidence, my passion AND it's given me a stage to share my story to help others make positive changes in their lives  And PS I met the love of my life through Beachbody!
 Whether Beachbody is your passion or not, I URGE you to stop wasting any more time and follow your dreams. You and I are no different...I'm just a girl who DECIDED to GO FOR IT!
What is stopping you from pursuing your greatest life?  For me, looking back I now realize that fear of failure...fear of the unknown...fear of judgement were all roadblocks.
I neverrrr thought in a million years that I would be posting my chubby pics and show my cellulite (see below). I know I have a beautiful body and it's not about being skinny... But it IS important to me to me HEALTHY, to feel good in my skin, to EXUDE confidence and love myself. 
I might not always enjoy my workouts, but fitness has opened a door for me for more energy, happy endorphins, and it's become a time that I can do something for ME. 

I share this because I want the same for you. Freedom. Confidence. Happiness. Self Love. You deserve it!
 Dream Big! Live More! Inspire the Next! xo
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If you've thought about coaching (or are now thinking about it), this video is a bit cheesy...but it explains what I do. What is Beachbody Coaching?

If it pulls at your heart strings...if you are starting to dream in possibility...if you want to create a future of freedom...I would love to hear from you!

Help me pay it forward  If you have recently made some positive changes, I want to hear about them in the comments below!

9 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving without Gaining Weight

Friday, November 21, 2014

From fat-laden gravy to creamy pumpkin pie...just LOOKING at the Thanksgiving dinner table is enough to make your jeans feel tight!
Then, add in some competition: Who's going to get the turkey leg or lay claim to the most mashed potatoes? (My sister always wins!)
Who's going to finish fast enough to be the first one back for seconds? I know I'm not the only one who has experienced a "get-your-hands-off-my-dinner-roll" moment during Thanksgiving. ;)

Considering all of's really no shock that the Avg.American consumes about 4,500 calories and up to 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving! EEP!
So, how can you stop yourself from gaining more than a pound in a day? Here are 9 tips you can lean on for this holiday season, so the bird is the only one stuffed at the end of the day hehe
  1. First...Get a good head start. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, such as two eggs and whole-grain toast and a side of mixed greens, or any combination that's high in protein and fiber.2 This will create a foundation of satiety and make you less likely to inhale the appetizers. Since you won't be starving, you'll be able to more likely to enjoy the main meal in moderation! I KNOW I'm not the only who who was so busy cooking and cleaning that I skipped the most important meal of the day!
  2. Don't go overboard on appetizers. It's easy to consume 1,500 calories before the turkey even hits the table. Instead of skipping the baked brie altogether, fill most of your plate with vegetables and healthier choices, then leave just a little room for a taste of the indulgent snack. An average serving of dip or cheese is one ounce, roughly the size of your two thumbs.
  3. Trick your brain. The average plate is 14 inches wide, and we tend to finish 98% of the food on our plate No wonder it's easy to eat too much on Thanksgiving. To trick your brain into thinking you've eaten enough, use a smaller plate and/or fill half a normal plate with salad. (Just go easy on the dressing.)
  4. Enjoy your favorites. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the memories/traditions of the day. Don't limit yourself from enjoying your favorite dishes, but only have a small scoop of those that are less healthy. According to Brian Wansink, PhD, Director of the Food and Brand Lab at the University of Illinois, it only takes four bites for your nostalgia of a food to reach its peak.
  5. Get a better bird. Most Thanksgiving turkeys are about as succulent as woodchips. No wonder we cover them up with gravy, cranberry sauce, or stuffing. Instead, find a recipe that results in a more flavorful turkey, or cook a different protein—ham, fish, or chicken—that you'll enjoy on its own, and have only moderate portions of the heavy sides. If you're not hosting, consider skipping the bird altogether if you feel the need to smother it in sauce.
  6. Improve traditions. Hosting? Take some of the pressure off yourself and ask guests to bring a healthy side dish or dessert. If you think they might be stumped, you could even provide them with a list of healthy side dishes they could make. Going to someone else's home? Bring a healthy side dish of your own! They'll appreciate it way more than the gift of cellulite ;)
  7. Don't get drunk. Limit yourself to one drink before or during dinner and one drink after dinner. Drinking too much alcohol can increase your craving for salt and may set you up to eat 30% more than you intended.6 Get drunk at dinner and all your inhibitions will be down by the time dessert comes. Two pieces of pie, a couple of cookies, a scoop of ice cream later . . . and you'll need a forklift to get you off the couch and a cab to take you home. Don't be that person.
  8. Forgive yourself. Did you read this and still overeat? Don't keep slipping down the slope. Get up and encourage someone to take a walk with you. If it's too cold for a walk, break out a game of Twister® or fire up the Wii® or Xbox® Kinect®! Getting moving will ease some of your guilt and also start the digestion process

  9. Remember why you're there. Between the football game and your sister's amazing pumpkin pie, take a moment to pause and reflect on what you're thankful for this year. As tasty as the dishes are, nothing compares to the people we share it with.