GirlBoss Dynasty: #Project Freedom Identify the Top 10 Qualities of Your Ideal Coach

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ok FREEDOM SEEKERS!! This lesson is all about taking a HARD Look at not only what we WANT ...but what we are GIVING and projecting!

You joined this training to set steps in motion that will allow you to live your life by DESIGN!
If you find yourself saying, “I HOPE I achieve Diamond...Star Diamond…” Remind yourself that “hope” is not a strategy.

You need 1) A Goal 2) A plan 3) Consistent daily activity to get the results that I KNOW you can all achieve!

How do you find/attract those ELUSIVE business building coaches and build a strong team that will continue to flourish?

It all starts with you...

Make a list of the TOP 10 QUALITIES your IDEAL COACH would have. (Take some time to think about this... What are the things you believe are needed in a TOP COACH?

(List them on a sheet of paper or type them below).

IMAGINE you sign a ROCKSTAR coach up...How do you describe them (visionary, imaginative, loyal, supportive, honest, family focused...etc..) ?

Now, think about your DREAM team.
I want you to close your eyes and imagine logging into your COO. Your volume is OFF the charts!! You have coaches rank advancing each week! Your team is FLOURISHING and growing faster than you ever imagined!


What do they need? What are they looking for in YOU? List 10 qualities your team NEEDS in a leader (it's ok to repeat some of the qualities from list one)

ACTION STEP #3: Here's the hard part....take a good HONEST look over your list and rate yourself from 1-10 in each quality. This activity was a MAJOR wakeup call to me when I did it!
Post your list and scores below (If you did it on paper, feel free to post a picture of your list below!)
:::SELF REFLECTION::: How can you increase your scores