girlboss Dynasty: Advancing to EMERALD Coach

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hey # girlboss Dynasty! 

NEWBIES start here:
Let's talk about your first MAJOR milestone in your business.
Advancing to EMERALD coach!

Simply put... Emerald means... YOU + TWO (personally sponsored coaches).

WHY aim for Emerald? 
It opens more income opportunities for you, it means you are actively helping people reach their goals, you start to take advantage of the network marketing business model, and you start to treat this business MORE like a business... which means it will start to PAY like a business a lot sooner.

You might not know exactly what coaching is...or what you're supposed to be doing quite yet LOL (And that's totally OK and normal) ...BUT... you have PASSION, fire, and you trusted your gut enough to take the leap of faith and sign up yourself.

SHARE your story - why you signed up. Genuinely share how you feel the accountability/discount/income/support of being a coach will help the people you know.

You have your sponsor and the team to help you navigate conversations, explain the business and get YOUR coaches started on the right foot to reach their goals.

Our team goal this month is to help YOU cross that Emerald finish line! I know together, we can do it!


1). I recommend you start by simply making a list of the people you feel would benefit from it, who love Shakeology, who are participating in your challenge group and cheering others on, who are ready to commit to their fitness goals, or even the people who trust you enough to help you and try Shakeology (mom, spouse, friends).

Try to come up with at least 10 names (use the Memory Jogger below- Trust me, its super helpful!) Listen to this National Wakeup call for some surefire ways to get to Emerald!
Achieving Emerald NWC

 PROCLAIM it - Believe it’s already complete and you will complete it.
― "I advanced to Emerald by March 31st!"

3.) This video might help to explain some things about being an Emerald and the benefits that come along with it!
Benefits of Emerald

If you are EMERALD +: Please share how it has benefited you (confidence/income/fun) AND how you signed up your first two!)


Memory Jogger

How to Build Relationships

How to Earn