Mistakes: The Most Valuable Thing You Can Make

Friday, February 27, 2015

 In school, I was the kid that wouldn't raise her hand for fear of getting the wrong answer. I always thought "There is no stupid question" was a stupid saying to make people feel better for being a complete dork. 

BUT...what I have learned is... if you aren't making mistakes... you're not making much of anything. There is a certain joy in making an error because now you know what not to do.

I learned something incredible about two years into my business. I was working full-time but still wanted to share the magic of Beachbody, help my customers, and be that little voice to encourage them to keep going. With a full-time work schedule, a boyfriend, part-time job, real estate lessons AND a budding business... I had to figure out how to be EFFECTIVE with my time.
I came up with the brilliant idea to create an email list for my Beachbody customers. It had recipes, clean eating tips, workout tips... in short...I felt like a genius.

For well over a year, I added new customers to this email list. One day I had I thought... Hmm I haven't looked at these emails in over a year! I should probably read them to see what I'm sending out.

The short of it... I was MORTIFIED!! My "brilliant" emails were ugly, stiff, and so transparently SALESY... I wanted to cover my face & hid in shame.

...but then I had a thought... As terrible as those emails were... they helped get me to where I was... They helped me build a 6-figure income from HOME... helped me encourage HUNDREDS of people through their transformations... helped me build an incredible team of girlbosses just like me...

So even in my suck-i-ness, I realized...I gave it my best. It got me here... I'm not going to waste this opportunity. I'm going to keep doing my best (even if that means I'll look back in a year and be embarrassed by it haha)

Not that you need it... but here is your official permission slip to make mistakes!
- "The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake- you can't learn anything from being perfect." - Adam Osborne

One of the hardest things to do is getting comfortable with messing up. It's not always pretty, sometimes you don't know which way is up, and you want to just hide your face from the world ... but if I've learned anything... it's that you don't learn anything... unless you fearlessly take action. What's the fun in being "perfect" anyway
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Just JUMP...and build your wings on the way down!

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YOU- are capable of SOO much MORE than you ever imagined. It's time to

I truly believe we were born with a purpose...and while they come in various shapes and sizes... We weren't born to just pay bills and then die.

There is no passion in playing it small or playing it safe. I believe we all have a "sweet spot." That remarkable place where your purpose meets your passion & strengths.

When you discover calling... Your strengths set you apart, your energy surges, you feel fulfilled & recharged by your work. 

Beachbody might not be your dream job (it's def mine hehe) but my hope & dream for you is that YOU find your passion & feel that fire in your gut.
...that you wake up with butterflies because your calling energizes you!

Challenge yourself, dream big, and do one at least one thing TODAY that scares you.
No pain, no gain...right?
My MISSION is to help you live out loud, kick BOOTY & have fun doing it.
Make me proud! hehe