8 Tips for Crafting the Best Challenge Group Post

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8 Tips for Crafting the Best Challenge Group Posts
One of my favorite things about Beachbody... The products. Seriously between the workouts and Shakeology, my life has been forever changed.

There are so many coaches who have built a personal testimony and seen amazing results that they are passionate about sharing and helping others.

Buttt since none of us are sales people...nor do we have marketing degrees... sometimes SHARING our results and inviting others to join us can come across as sloppy, cluttered and (sorry but...)downright annoying. I say this with love of course.

So if you are a new coach who wants to share your excitement and invite other to join your Challenge Group... what do you do?

This is of course just my advice based on my 4 years in the biz.... 
And remember, there are SOOO many RIGHT answers for this!

The key is effectively sharing and getting others to commit to making a change is to tune into your story. Visualize the person you were BEFORE you started Beachbody. What did you need to hear? What did you need help with? What were your struggles?
And what would have piqued your interest? What would have grabbed your attention?

For me...the girl desperately trying to be healthy... but had NO clue what to do...or what to eat... I needed a SYSTEM. I needed some STRUCTURE. And I needed something that other women, like me, saw results with! (My Story)

But back on point...

8 Ingredients to construct a Kick Butt Challenge Group Post

1) It should reflect your personality, style, & goals- I write mine EXACTLY how I talk in “real life.” Make the first sentence an attention grabber!

2) Speak from the heart- the same STRUGGLES you have...are exactly what people RELATE to! Share your story to connect. Think about how a challenge group has helped you (or if you don’t have results yet… what are you most excited about?)

3) Appeal to the person you’re trying to attract or would love to help! (My customer wants to work on her "problem areas- tummy, thighs, and butt. It’s very doubtful a man trying to put on muscle will respond to that :P)

4) It should be Visually Appealing!! A clear bright image. PicMonkey is great for creating a collage or beautiful image. CAUTION: Do not get salesy here or clutter up your pics! The best CG posts feature YOU- not some Turbo Fire marketing that Beachbody put together! PS Most people scroll FB on their phone so no small font please smile emoticon

5) Showcasing your own RESULTS is MOST effective (but you can use others- just no Stock Beachbody Transformation photos please).

6) Break it up! Make it easy to read by creating short paragraphs. 

7) Sense of URGENCY (Example: only 3 spots available & the group starts Aug 24th )

8) Have a Call to Action (If this interests you...LIKE or COMMENT Below)

BONUS TIP: Keep in mind that not everyone knows Beachbody lingo. They might not know what a "challenge group" means...or what the heck CIZE is... be mindful of that when you are wording your posts heart emoticon 

Have fun with this- the best thing about this business is you are constantly learning & evolving! Don't worry we aren't going to leave you hanging...

The main thing to remember... BE HONEST, BE VULNERABLE and share with no expectations. We are NOT salespeople. We are not here to hound people with products or clutter up our friends newsfeed with a commercial reel...

We share because we are passionate. We share because we want to pay it forward. We share because we want to help.

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