Beachbody Coach Sneak Peek: What does a Coach do?

Monday, August 10, 2015

If I was an outsider looking in at my life, I would be SOO confused! What does she DO all day (besides post puppy pictures)?! If you are scratching your head...wondering how I can stay home all day, play with the pup, and build a are invited!

The whole concept of being a Beachbody coach can seem so abstract and SCAM-Y HAHA

Jay knows, I am one of the BIGGEST skeptics. I never buy anything or go anywhere until I read reviews & research. I've been BURNED so many times from buying crap products...hiring movers or contractors...
Feeling like someone pulled the wool over your eyes is one of the WORST feelings. So with that being said, I would like to "Pull the curtain back" and give you a glimpse into what I do...and you can decide if it's a good fit for YOU!

::Join my 5 Day Coach Sneak Peek::

I don't need a commitment...this is simply a chance for you to see if this is a good fit for you.

Here is what I can promise:

- This will NOT be one of those schemey "Business Opportunities” where the creepy sales guy pitches a bunch of different things and tries to pressure people to commit

- I'm simply going to share MY story, reservations I had coming into the biz... how/why we overcame them and how it has changed our lives...

- I'll cover common objections and FAQs

- Share our team CULTURE and values so you know what kind of "family" we are if you DO decide to take the leap

No pressure to sign up. Simply an opportunity to learn more and decide if it might be right for YOU! You won't hurt my feelings if it's not for you or the timing just isn't right.

THAT'S IT! 5 Days --- ALL HEART, no pressure -- just us sharing the way we feel about this awesome opportunity and our desire to help others

If you want to be a FLY on the wall in this group & don't already have a coach, send me a message to RSVP
NON COACHES ONLY PLEASE. I need to keep the group limited to those who are not coaches so that I can answer their questions as they come up. Thanks for your understanding! xo

Request to join (Group Runs Aug 10-15)