Pottery Barn Knockoff - How to Upcycle an Oversized Glass Bottle

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My latest mini upcycling project! Did you know you could turn an $8 apple juice jug into a fun/pricey looking accessory?
I LOVEE me some Pottery Barn, but some of their prices are just crazy (especially for how often I like to change things up lol). I'm a BIG fan of mix-and-match. When you throw inexpensive pieces in with some nicer pieces, it elevates the whole display. With that being said, I've very choosy with those expensive pieces. 

Check out Pottery Barn's Oversized Wine bottles. It will set you back $99-199. 

Last week Jay grabbed this $8 apple juice at Whole Foods & my wheels started turning. (I forgot to warn Jay that I wanted this so I had to fish this baby out of the recycling bin haha)
I soaked it in warm water, scraped off the label & used nail polish remover to get any residue glue (you could also use rubbing alcohol or goo-gone). 

Instead of throwing out glass bottles, it's a fun/inexpensive accessory. 

Yay or Nay?


  1. Such a brilliant idea to save money! Can I repost this on my own campaign on upcycling? :) Would love to spread the idea of utilising what people have at home instead of going out to buy new stuff!


  2. loved this idea, AND as I was returning pop cans I spotted one exactly like this that someone had just LEFT... nabbed it and now just looking for some artificial flowers to put in it! :) Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I like that the bottles have no label on them so I can apply my own labels. RS Glass Bottle