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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You may have stumbled upon my blog searching for fitness tips, health solutions, or maybe a puppy picture caught your eye hehe

Whatever the reason, I'm happy you're here!

I'm just a girl who decided to GO FOR IT

heart emoticonIf you would have met me 5 years ago, you would have met a stressed out, overworked, underpaid and unappreciated retail manager. I worked long hours, ate Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches and really felt as though I had lost my way.

I resigned myself to the fact that work was hard (and completely UNfulfilling), I would never be able to get ahead of my bills, and everything from weight career advancements would be an uphill battle.

Stress, weight gain, lack of confidence, and the dying of dreams started to become my reality. For a girl that graduated from High School early, bought my first house at 21, and always had BIG was such a dark time for me. The worst disappointment you can experience is when you feel like you failed yourself.

I fell into Beachbody and turned this opportunity into my lifeboat. I got in shape, starting making my HEALTH and my DREAMS a priority, and started paying it forward. Admittedly, it took me some time to find my groove ( but I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

Since that day, I've gone from a stressed out retail manager working long creating TOTAL FREEDOM.

This little fitness company has helped me regain control of my life, my finances, my future, my health, my confidence, my passion AND it's given me a stage to share my story to help others make positive changes in their lives heart emoticon

Now, my passion is helping woman feel encouraged & supported while they take steps to regain control of their health, finances and their future. There is nothing more fulfilling then passing on this incredible gift that has completely changed the course of my life.

From a stressed out retail manager.... to a Full-Time Dog mommy/Girlboss/Fitness & Business Mentor heart emoticon

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On my page you will find... fun FITNESS posts, MY DOGS (and other fur babies), Gluten Free Recipes, support for those with AutoImmune diseases (such as Hashimotos's), support in business growth, sprinkles of fashion & beauty, HOME DECOR, & sharing my journey of FREEDOM.


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