From Nissan to Range Rover

Monday, January 4, 2016

ANXIETY. TEARS. FRUSTRATION. FEAR. FEELINGS of UNWORTHINESS : All emotions I experience when it comes to car shopping. 

If you saw my post from a few weeks ago, then you may remember that I’ve been JOYFULLY driving my 2010 Nissan Sentra for awhile now. 

A Nissan Sentra wasn’t exactly my DREAM CAR lol However, I was so grateful to have it (it was safe, dependable, and pretty comfy...although Jay called it a go kart haha) 

My BIG goal...dream car that has been plastered on my dream board for the last 3 years… a Range Rover. I even set up positive affirmations that would pop up in my phone...acting as if I had already achieved my goal tongue emoticon 
BUT I kept putting it off time and time again because I would get so anxious. Do I really NEED it? Isn’t that ridiculously impractical? Who do I think I am? 

In the past, buying a car meant having my finances scrutinized and being rejected for a loan. Stressful, embarrassing and disheartening to say the least. I never wanted to step foot in a dealership again! 

But in October...things started to shift. I went to a team retreat and met a young mom in desperate need of a SAFE car. I started to think about how I can impact her family...AND give myself the PUSH I needed to check this goal off my bucket list! haha

I made the decision to tie in my new car goal with a few things… 

-- Pay it forward by giving away my car (Read that story here
-- Reach a HUGE Milestone in my business (Millionaire’s Club) 
-- REALIZE that I have put in a lot of blood, sweat, tears and man hours into making my business a success… It’s okay to reward myself
-- My team is absolutely incredible and continues to grow (couldn’t be more proud). When I see my mentor achieving incredible things, it pushed me THAT much harder. I want to show my coaches what is possible heart emoticon 
-- ANND it’s okay to get a car that accommodates my family/future family haha The pups barely fit in my Nissan. Poor Winston would have to sit with his butt on the seat and front paws on the floor LOL

I decided it was time to STOP thinking about all of the things that could go wrong...and START thinking about all of the incredible GOOD that I can do.
I was able to GIVE my awesome Nissan to someone who I KNOW will pay it forward annddd am incredibly grateful BEYOND belief to get the exact car I want….WITHOUT STRESS.

Just 3 years ago...I set this audacious goal to own my dream car. My fun little reminders would pop up daily in my phone...getting me excited about my gorgeous future car hehe They really helped me believe it was POSSIBLE. 
I’m just a NORMAL girl who decided to STOP following other people’s STOP living paycheck to paycheck...and just GO FOR IT

THANK YOU for letting me share all of my exciting milestones! You guys have been there for my ups and downs and I appreciate your support! 

Because it’s true...
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