10 Splurge Worthy Baby Products

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Okay, so if you're anything like me...You've read about a dozen TTC books, another dozen pregnancy books...but still have no clue how to prepare for the little person that is coming.
I scoured blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, questioned friends/family...hoping to compile a list of  MUST-HAVES
Everyone is so different! Some people like all of the gadgets and fancy baby accessories...and others will tell you that all you need is a crib, diapers, and wipes.
Sure...I will agree that babies don't need a lot of fancy and pretty things....but WOWZERS some of our pricey gambles have PAID OFF! (Can you really put a price on great sleep?!)

Every baby is unique. Every family is different. So don't feel like you absolutely have-to-have anything on my list. I'm simply sharing what has helped make newborn life a little easier.
Right now my group of friends is experiencing the biggest baby boom! If you're in the same situation, it's not a bad idea to borrow, swap, resell some of your baby items.  Or test out your friend's baby gear with your little one to see what they prefer before you buy.
Also, I recommend checking Facebook MarketPlace! You can find a lot of really great, gently used baby items! I'm ALL about quality but also getting a DEAL. (Make sure you shop with Ebates for cashback. I thought this was a scam but I've actually made a couple hundred back for my normal shopping).

Since Reese was born in September, I knew I wanted to wait on a few things so we could get to know her and shop the Black Friday deals! SO glad I waited to purchase a crib and a Glider (found one on CLEARANCE for $161!! Ummm yessssss!)
My biggest piece of advice is not to go crazy and buy everything before the baby arrives. Buy a few key items to start and then add on as needed. Get the essentials, get your breastfeeding accessories and pump, along with some clothes, a bathtub, VELCRO swaddles...and then buy as you go! (All of the planners might be cringing at that but I promise it's a helpful strategy!)

PS This is my personal blog and I simply share what I love/what's working. 
 This post may contain some (but not all) affiliate links. It doesn't affect your shopping experience at all but it does help me stay at home with my baby and manage my blog. Yay win-win   To read my disclosure policy, click here

Let's get started! Before you faint from sticker shock, keep in mind my top 10 must-haves are things we use EVERYDAY.
E V E R Y  S I N G L E   D A Y  Not even kidding! 

  1. Snoo
    How did we have a newborn sleeping through the night? The SNOO!
    How do we settle an overtired baby? The Snoo!
    How do I rest knowing my baby is safely swaddled and securely on her back? The Snoo.

    Reese is currently 3 months old and has been sleeping through the night (*knock on wood*) since she was about 1 month old. Admittedly, we did co-sleep with her in the beginning...but to be fair, we had to evacuate for Hurricane Irma the week she was born. So I was a bit of an emotional wreck  haha
    The snoo is a smart bassinet, created by Dr. Harvey Karp (Author of The Happiest Baby on the Block).  It gently lulls your baby to sleep by mimicking sounds & movements from the womb. You velcro/zip them into the attactable Sleep sack and off to dream land they go. There is even an app you can use to control it and see how long they've been asleep. Yay technology!

    I agree with many of the amazon reviews-  The snoo isn't a babysitter. You (obviously) need to pay attention to make sure your child's needs are met. The Snoo does have "Soothing modes" in which the motion and white noise increases if your baby is crying. After 4 min, it will shut off, I never let it go above level 2...because at that point I know she isn't just being fussy. She needs a diaper, food, comfort etc..

    I absolutely think it has been instrumental in her sleeping through the night. As she gets older and closer to transitioning to her crib...there is a Weaning setting you can use to turn off the rocking motion after the baby falls asleep.
  2. Dock A Tot
    Honestly, I'm not sure why this is so expensive but we love it. (It's basically a mini baby mattress with a pool noodle like surround haha) It was a gift from my bestie at our baby shower and was THE single most used item our first couple of weeks.
    It was the perfect little bed to put her in for naps or just to lay while I ran to the bathroom lol

    When Reese was 4 days old, we had to evacuate Florida because the hurricane was projected to travel literally right over our house. Eek! The Dock A Tot was easy to pack up in the little carry back and take with us! We had to stay in hotel rooms along the way so she slept in the Dock A Tot between us in bed. (Pretty sure that goes against safety recommendations on their website, but we made it work).
    Now we use it for playtime, lounging and occasionally a nap.
  3. Nanit Baby Monitor 
    This is a newer item. OVERHEAD baby monitor that shows an entire view of the crib! The view doesn't get any better. The video quality is great, it shows temperature and humidity as well.  The app gives you a lot of insight into their sleeping patterns,  that shows how long they've slept throughout the day and night, their sleep efficiency, how many times you've checked on them... We just hired some help (so I can work) and it's been great. She's able to log on to see Reese's sleep patterns. Rich & I can log in to check on Reese, even from afar.
    I love technology! Seriously love all of the features...at the end of the day...my favorite thing is I can see an overhead view (no crib bars!) and that we can check in anytime.

    Our other monitor is great on the go...but I have to set it up, the cords are messy, I have to charge the monitor. (I do use it for naps sometimes but I wish I would have just gotten the Nanit from the start)
    The Nanit I don't even have to think about.

    LESS EXPENSIVE OPTION: My sister has Infant Optics and raves about it! You can pan/tilt/zoom the camera for better baby viewing. Her son is 9 months old and on the goooo a lot! haha This is a great option for mobile babies!
    Note: Right now we are using it with her bassinet but the view will be much better/closer when we set up her crib. Rich keeps saying I need to go straighten it because I have it sideways...but I don't mind as long as I can see her! haha
  4. 4Moms Play yard   I feel like this is a great item because of it's versatility and it's SO easy to set up/breakdown / carry in it's fancy little bag.  Right now, we use the optional bassinet as our "changing station" in the living room.  We have it in a corner of the room and it looks very inconspicuous.  I love the clean lines and it doesn't scream baby-baby-baby.  My nephew came for a visit and it made a great travel crib for him. And then of course, as Reese becomes mobile, it will be her little play area.
  5. Lovevery Play Gym Cannot say enough about this play mat. I am obsessed.  
    I actually talk about it SO much in my insta stories  that the company took notice and gave me a coupon code to share. 
    I don’t get any commission or compensation for sharing that- I am just legit in love with it ahah 
    Reese's first playmat/mobile was terrible. Take a moment to lay on the floor and look at your baby's view. All she could potentially see was the yellow square bottom of the hot air balloon. BOR-ING! 
    I started a search to find the best playgym that was not only fun for her but actually helps with brain development.  I almost spent $135 on a pretty playmat but didn’t do a third of what this one does. It comes with a beautiful guide book on how to use it and play each month with your baby and even turns into a little tent for when they get bigger.  Each fold down section focuses on a skill
     If you want to research it, this video is what sold me. It explains it way better than I can https://youtu.be/I-noViZh-ec
    I debated buying it for weeks and I’m glad I finally did because we use it multiple times a day.

  6. Soft Tiles - My bestie got these for us as a shower gift. At first, I wasn't sure how much we would use them...but as soon as we started tummy time, it was clear this is a must have. I've looked at a lot of different foam tiles but this is by and far the best. (Side note: I really like the look of Little Nomads! We have them and I love the look but they aren't as squishy/comfy as these). If you have hardwood or tile floors, I highly recommend having a nice soft area to hang out with your little. The major perk of soft tiles...they have a SLOPING EDGE...meaning you don't trip over it.
  7. Ubbi Diaper Pail It might seem a little crazy to spend $80 on a diaper pail, but a very KEY feature sets this wayyyy above the rest. You do not have to purchase Ubbi trash bags...you can use any trash bags. It does a great job of sealing in the odors and it's very easy to remove the bag. We bought this in Ivory and it blends in beautifully with her nursery.   (Tip: Usually you can find a Bed, Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby 20% off coupon to use on these)

    I do feel I should mention that we use a small, regular stainless steel garbage pail near her changing station in the living room. We throw a grocery bag in there as a liner and take out the diapers before bed. So no, you don't need a diaper pail...but it's nice to have when you are changing stinky diapers at all hours of the night lol
  8. Mamaroo  At first I was skeptical. I kept calling this our overpriced baby seat lol  But one day. Reese was screaming her head off...what the heck...let's give it a try.  To my surprise, she calmed down and has loved it ever since! Not sure what clicked, but I'm happy to say she loves it. Kind of neat that it has an app so you can adjust the 5 motions and speeds but I've only used the app a handful of times. I love that it has some white noise options.  It's nice to have a safe, entertaining/calming place for her to hang out while I fold laundry or get my workout in.

    Side note: We did purchase the Infant Insert. She only fit in it for about 2 months, but it made a big difference when she was small.  With the price of the Mamaroo, I personally feel like they should include the infant insert...but alas!
    PSS this is the great item to look for gently used- it only lasts until they outgrow it (about 6 months).

  9. Barefoot Dreams Blanket  This blanket is life changing. Marshmellowy squishiness!  Be forewarned- if you buy one - everyone in the house might want one. We have quite the collection going over here haha It's the most incredible thing...ridiculously soft and it's somehow warm but breathable. I've never had a blanket that you can use in the summer and the winter that gives you the perfect amount of comfort and warmth. Perfect for snuggling on the couch with your loves! We keep one on the glider at all times.
  10. A Great Camera (Canon Rebel T6)  Phone cameras are amazing now. Really amazing. But nothing beats capturing some really high-quality pics of your little one. We bought the Canon Rebel T6 before we even thought about having a baby and it's really such a fun thing to have!
    We set up the tripod for family pics & use the timer or the phone app. My favorite thing about our camera...WIFI! You can download the pics directly on your phone through the app. Because let's be real, what MOM has time to put the SD card in the computer, download pics and then post them?! Umm no haha 

    Sidenote: If you are obsessed with capturing memories, I cannot recommend the "1 Second Everyday" app enough. Take video of your life- its way more special than pics. This app will then let you pick 1 second segments from everyday of your life. I've used this to create a mini movie that shows 1 second from everyday of Reese's life so far. By Sept 1st, I will have her entire first year in a snapshot. 

    This list might give you a little bit of sticker shock, but we've gotten so much use out of everything. Like I said before, don't buy everything at once. You're much more likely to get what you want and truly need or will use if you space out your baby purchases. 
    Don't be afraid to wait for deals/coupons/promotions. 
    I also LOVE deals (We bought our brand new Glider for $161!!). My next post is going to be about our favorite finds for under $25!

    BONUS Item!

    We just got this Breathable, washable, organic Mattress.  I shoved my face completely into it
    (mouth and nose into the mattress) and I could still breathe. WHATTT!? Seriously amazing! If baby girl is anything like me, she will be a stomach sleeper...so this puts my mind at ease.
    It's the Newton Crib Mattress. Peace of mind!