25 Favorite Baby Items Under $25

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

25 of our favorite baby items (for 3 months and under because Reese is only 3 months old lol)
  1. My Brest Friend Adjustable Foot Stool $25
    Our calves were getting a serious workout before we stumbled across this stool! You never realize how much WORK it is to hold a baby. When you are nursing, your back, arms, legs all start to get tired. You will be much more comfortable with this simple little stool. It's great if you have a glider with an ottoman, but if you want to sit in different places around the house...this is a great little footrest that is easy to move around. We use it DAILY!

  2. Comotomo Bottles $19
    I didn't discover these bottles until recently but I've started to stock up! They are supposed to mimic breastfeeding- great if you are transitioning your baby. Made of a soft, non-toxic silicone which is super easy to clean and comfortable to hold. I find that they are a bit heavier than our other bottles, but oddly more comfortable because the silicone squeezes to fit your hand. I also like the Tomme Tippee bottles.

  3. Boon Grass Drying Rack $15
    This is the ultimate Baby must have. Whether you are drying bottles, pump parts or anything, it's holds even the smallest most awkward little pieces. I love that the "grass" sits on a white tray. You can dump out the water/wash it all

  4. Baby Nail File $5
    I was a little surprised to find the most effective way to keep Reese's nails short was a simple emery board. No fancy nail clippers needed. I alternate between these and the Zoli electric nail trimmer ($27) The electric one is great because it's quick and I've tested it on my skin...totally safe!

  5. Letters to My Baby $11
    For the sentimental momma! I really love little things like this. It's a really sweet (quick!) way to preserve your memories and how you feel in the moment. I can't wait to give these to her when she's older!

  6. OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Stand $4
    Under $5 and such a great brush! The stand is invaluable. I'm not a germaphobe by any means, but I do like to know her bottle brush is sanitary!

  7. Gel Puppy Pads $10
    We ALWAYS change Reese on top of a puppy pad. We learned our lesson quickly when swapping diapers and she peed on her mat...which ran all around her and soaked her clothes. Inexpensive way to make cleanup a breeze in case of accidents.
    Why gel? It absorbs very quickly right were she pees so it doesnt travel all over the place. These are also great to lay your baby on to "air out" every once in awhile lol
    Random Side note to dog owners...Poop bag rolls work great for dirty diapers on the go!
  8. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle $10
    I love this toy because it's super easy for her to grab and hold onto.

  9. Costco Baby Wipes $15
    I remember seeing Costco wipes in many pinterest articles and would always think...We won't use those... We will onllyyyy use Water Wipes.  We love water wipes- they are great. But where Costo wipes come in handy... When you are by yourself dealing with an explosive diaper. They are the only wipes we have found that you can pull out one-handed. With every other brand, half the package comes up when you try to grab one.  The Costco brand is nice and thick/sturdy. Great for holding under your baby while you make a run for the sink/tub.  Get a membership or find someone who has one!

  10. Dr. Brown's Formula Pitcher $11
    This was a total surprise. When you have a baby, suddenly your counter is completely covered with bottles, pacifiers and all sorts of little things. So I wasn't exactly thrilled to by one more kitchen accessory.
    This thing is worth like $50...at least! haha We bought a Baby Brezza to quickly prepare bottles. That was a waste of $180.
    I've read the instructions, I've read the troubleshooting guides, I've researched and tried/retried that machine...but for some reason her bottles never have the appropriate ratio. My theory is the Florida humidity makes the formula clump?
    On the other hand, for $11... I can prepare an entire day of formula and keep in the fridge. It mixes it so nicely- no air bubbles or clumps.
    There is a reason this thing has some many positive reviews.

  11. Rechargeable Clip On Fan $22
    I was 9 months pregnant in Florida in August. So let's just say I got my money's worth out of this fan before Reese was even born! haha This is the perfect little fan to attach to their stroller for walks and I love that it's rechargeable. Who has time to deal with batteries?!

  12. NoseFrida $20
    Sounds gross, works like a charm.

  13. Windi $15
    When your baby has gas pains, it feels like your soul is dying. You will quickly get over the weirdness once you realize how amazing this thing works!

  14. Gripe Water $9
    I dont think we would have survived the first month without this! Helps sooth tummy troubles!

  15. Infantino 4-in-1 Carrier $24
    We have the Lillebaby Airflow ($124) which is really beautifully made and we love it...but there is a LOT to be said for this simple $24 carrier. We used it while we were researching more expensive carriers and it worked great. Since it was so inexpensive, we've used it while going on little hikes because I'm not worried about it getting dirty/ruined.

  16. Kick & Play Piano $25
    Fun for baby...some ME time for mommy! I'm in a pregnancy group and nearly every baby is obsessed with this!

  17. DishTowels $14
    You're probably going to ignore my advice on this one if you are a first-time mom...because everyone tried to tell me and I ignored them haha So go ahead and buy the super soft Burt's Bees Burp cloths or the cute ones you found.
    At the end of the day, the best thing that works for baby drool and spit up is a nice dishtowel. Grab a pack at Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Every pretty/fancy one we have has shrunk in the wash. I know how to do laundry but when you have a million things going on, you're not exactly paying attention to what gets thrown in the dryer.

  18. Baby Bling Bows $9
    Cute, high-quality bows that don't leave a mark! Enough said. Nordstorm carries these in their baby section if you want to check them out in person first. Forewarning: They are addictive! haha

  19. Subscription to Hulu $12
    This is pretty much a breastfeeding/pumping must. When you are stuck in a dark room at 2am feeding, you can't exactly read a book. And while it's absolutely incredible to stare at your baby...you might find that you need a little light-hearted mental break while they are nursing/dozing off.

  20. Haaka $18
    Breastfeeding/pumping mamas get this! It works like magic and sometimes I would get more milk using this than I would by using the pump. A lot of mamas will put this on the opposite side that they are nursing and will get ouncesss of milk!

  21. Pop Ya Tot Natural Rubber Soother $15
    We don't use a pacifier often, but this is my favorite. She is able to hang onto it a lot better than the other ones we've tried...and it doesn't leave any marks on her face

  22. Swaddle Me $20
    VELCRO.  That's all I need to say about this. For the other parents who suck at swaddling, you literally cannot mess this up!

  23. Alaffia - Everyday Coconut - Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Wash $10
    omgoshhhh I can't even tell you how much I love this soap. I am obsessed with smelling her after baths.

  24. Baby Wet/Dry Bag $11
    If you're on the go and your baby has a blowout, these are amazing for storing dirty clothes. We used this while traveling as her little laundry bag.

  25.  Baby Car Mirror $20 - This is the only mirror I've seen that doesn't give your baby the fish bubble look.
Bonus Items:
Andy Pandy Diapers
Hands down my favorite diapers. Bamboo, Soft, Super absorbent, ecofriendly, and the best fit!

Baby Car Mirror - This is the only mirror I've seen that doesn't give your baby the fish bubble look.

Favorite Place to find baby clothes... H&M! Can you believe it? They have the cutest stuff and I like their sizing.

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