$5 Windup Doll Costume DIY

Monday, October 29, 2018

This year, we decide to keep things simple! I wanted a cute, easy costume and came across this idea for a Wind-Up Doll.

Total Cost- around $5

I simply made a key to add to a cute dress we already had. If you're looking for a quick and easy costume, this is it!

You'll need

-- Foam Board or Cardboard
-- Cardboard roll from Paper towels or toilet paper (Paper towel roll is thicker)
-- Pencil
-- Exacto knife
-- Hot Glue & Hot glue gun
-- Ribbon or Elastic
-- Gold or Silver paint

To start, I googled some vintage key images on Google and found one that I liked. I used that for inspiration and estimated how large I wanted it. I guessed 8" wide would be best for my one-year-old.

I created a template on a regular poster because I knew I would want to cut two pieces out of foamboard to create a sturdy "key" because toddlers are not the most graceful lol

I traced my design onto foam board and cut out with an Exacto knife. Your design can be much more simply OR way more elaborate! I like frilly, girly things so I tend to err on the side of more detail haha

Once I cut my two key shapes out, I cut a paper towel roll about 3.5" high.  Then cut out a circle of foam board and cut slits for my key to fit through.

Cut a simple rectangle base to attach everything to. I made mine tall (not wide) so the key would stay upright on her back. (No saggy key for us!)

I used foam sticky squares to put my key pieces together. And then hot glued everything together.


And then you are ready to hot glue your elastic arm bands on!