Hospital Bag Checklist for Induced Mamas

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Keeping this simple but I'm asked all of the time what I took to the hospital with me.

So here's what I packed in my hospital bag.  I listed it in order of importance for what I used or appreciated having the most.  Keep in mind, I was induced so I was in the hospital for a total of 5 days.

Follow this list if you LIKE to have YOUR things, you're being induced or you're a planner. I read tons of blogs from nurses who simply recommend chapstick, an outfit...thats it. That is just not me. The ONLY thing I packed that I didn't use was my curling iron so I left it off my list. But I used/enjoyed everything I brought- probably because I was there longer than the typical mama.

☐ Lip Balm/Chapstick☐ Phone & Camera with chargers
☐ Birth Plan

☐ Insurance Cards/ID
☐ Comfy PJs
☐ hair ties
☐ Pillow
☐ Favorite Blanket
☐ SNACKS (I am GF for this is a must always)
☐ Sleep Headphones or Noise Cancelling Headphones
☐ Music/Hypnobirthing Playlist
☐ Toiletries
☐ Boyshort Undies (Black)
☐ Robe
☐ Gifts for Nurses
☐ Mints
☐ Slippers
☐ Towel
☐ Flipflops
☐ Bath Towel
☐ Nursing Pillow
☐ Nursing Tank
☐ Going Home Outfit

☐ Breast Pump (I WISH I would have brought this so the nurses and lactation consultants could have helped me navigate how to use mine) 

For Baby
☐ Carseat
☐ Take home outfit

☐ Onesies
☐ Swaddle
☐ Beanie
☐ Baby book for handprints

For Dad
☐ Pillow, Blanket
☐ Laptop/Ipad
☐ Change of Clothes

Things you don't need to bring...