Get sexy arms for tank top season!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey girls! Are you afraid to start P90X because you think it will make you bulky?
When I started, I was little concerned about using weights...I had never really used them before. I was more comfortable with cardio....but that was getting me literally NO where. How can you run for miles and miles and end up no about frustrating.
I started with the Lean schedule...but am currently on Day 11 of Classic. Here is a sneak peak into my Day 10 Arms and Shoulders workout...which has become a favorite of mine.

Now I cannot imagine going back to my old workouts...I now dread cardio days and look forward to weight training days. The great thing about the arms and shoulders workout is you see results QUICKLY. Dont be afraid of the weights ladies...they are our friends.  Trust me....if you want curves and to be have to start pumping some iron :)


Here's the breakdown:

P90X Shoulders and Arms is one of 12 exercise DVDs included with Tony Horton’s P90X 90-day fitness program. The shoulders and arms workout is 60 minutes of a potent combination of curling, pressing, and fly exercise movements that will do get your deltoids (shoulders), biceps, and triceps looking amazing.

You will need weights or bands, and a chair to do P90X shoulders and arms.

With P90X Shoulders and Arms, you superset the muscle groups to exhaustion. You will definitely be feeling it when the shoulders and arms workout is finished.

Tony Horton begins the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout with a light cardio and stretch warm-up that feels great! Do not skip this! Stretching will help prevent injuries.

P90X Shoulders and Arms is a challenging array of exercises like Deep Swimmers Press, Chair Dips, and Flip-Grip Triceps Kickbacks. The shoulders and arms workout consists of 15 different exercises that you perform in sets of three. When you complete the sequence, you repeat it before moving on to the next sequence of P90X shoulder and arms exercises. The final three exercises make up the “bonus round”.

Results? My arms were noticeably toned and well built looking when I completed P90X. The shoulders and arms workout was extremely challenging. I was able to hit my workout goals and progress to heavier weights through the 90 days.

Whether you are a man or woman, if you want some well built, sexy looking shoulders and arms, P90X is the best workout!