How do you know WHEN you should eat?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you’re eating for any reason besides being hungry, you are providing your body with excess food that it doesn’t need.  That excess food is not needed to supply your body for energy so your body converts that excess food into fat cells. Once a fat cell is produced…..guess what, it gets bigger or produces another fat cell.  The fat cell never goes away. It shrinks, gets bigger, or reproduces. I don’t want to get to far off track but fat cells are your enemies and you want to avoid creating them at all cost.
So when do you know when it’s the right time to eat?  I’ve created a solution to your problem, here’s a guide to help you determine when you should eat and when you should pump on the brakes and stop eating. Rate your hunger….
0 – Ravenous, Primal Hunger. I’m so hungry I can eat anything that’s not nailed down!
1 – Extremely Hungry, dizzy, shaky, faint, may feel a headache coming on
2 – Very hungry, irritable, finding it hard to concentrate, snapping at your boss
3 – Stomach growling, sounds like grizzly bears are fighting in your stomach
4 – Starting to think about food, getting a little hungry
5 – Totally comfortable, feeling satisfied, This is the Best Level!
6 – Feeling like I ate too much, “CC” is going to make me do a “Bonus Round”
7 – Stomach is stretched and uncomfortable, starting to breathe heavy
8 – Very Full and Stuffed, starting to move in slow motion
9 – Very Full and Bloated, Overstuffed, looks like you have a baby kangaroo in your stomach
10 – So Full it Hurts, Feels like I’m going to explode, Feel sick to my stomach
LEVELS 0-2: Signifies ravenous hunger. This is when you are most likely to overeat. Avoid this stage!
LEVELS 3-5: These are the best times to eat. Your body is saying that it needs food.
LEVELS 6-10: Starting to eat at these levels indicates emotional, not physical hunger.
I hope this will help you assess your level of hunger and eat according to the levels and remember- your food choices matter!! You can't out train a bad diet!