Tortilla Wrap Pizza

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finished Product!
Here is the wrap that Iused. You can choose any tortilla wrap you like :)
First, prepare the toppings
We used onion, garlic, bacon, tomato, celery, mushroom – you can pretty much choose anything you like, really. Throw them all in a pan and cook to soften them up.
Next, open the packet of wraps and heat it up to make it hot. Please don’t forget about it – it only takes around 15-20 seconds per side. We put it in the grill, but you can use the oven or simply heat up a pan.
If you leave it in for too long IT WILL BURN. So please be careful.
Take it out when it’s done – it should be pretty warm now.
After that, place toppings on "pizza". I used tomato puree as a base.
You can also add a bit of cheese on top of the base to make things stick. Place the toppings on.
After completing the topping and you’re satisfied with it, place it in the grill/oven to let it grill for a while. This “a while” is up to you – when you think the toppings are done then it can be done. Be careful though because the base might get burnt, so don’t put it in and leave the kitchen! 
And tada! Tortilla wrap pizza!
It’s slightly difficult to cut and eat because it has a tendency to fall apart – we’re still working on that. But if you guys have any way to remedy this – let us know! 


  1. omg, I wish I hadn't already eaten! Looks yummy!

  2. Kati, your recipes/easy cooking section is just outstanding, I am going to do this over the weekend