P90X/BBL Week 3!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wow, I cannot believe Erika and I are in Week 3 of P90X already! Last night was Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X and it is without a doubt my least favorite. I don't mind Ab Ripper X, but Chest & Back is always so hard for me. I am def getting stronger, but somehow that doesn't make it any more enjoyable for me. Since I knew it was going to be my least favorite workout, I kept procrastinating and avoiding it! At about 7 pm I finally decided that enough was enough, I needed to get started! I always do Abs first to get them out of the way, but afterward I STILL didn't feel like doing chest and back.  What better way to cheer myself up and get in a better workout mood, than to do a little BBL! :) I can't help but to be in a better mood afterward! Here are a couple pics from High & Tight. You do a series of leg movements with ankle weights that really burn your bum bum! I lovvvveee it!!!  Sometimes you just have to push yourself...but it doesn't hurt having an adorable Brazilian man with a fun accent to encourage you and led the way to a better booty!"Ni---ice"---"Don't settle for less.  We're Dancing!"

"Now lay down like you're on the beach, having a good time" -Leandro Carvalho
The High and Tight workout is about 38 minutes in length including the warm up and cool down periods. It's starts with standing work with the bands, floor work with the bands, and ends here with ankle weights. You use your own body resistance to get a delicious burn in your glutes, inner and outer thigh muscles. You can def feel it working :) 

We won't Leonardo!! Just keep us smiling with your heavy accented little catch phrases!