Shakeology Cleanse

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow, there are a lot of my friends and family starting the Shakeology Cleanse in the upcoming week.  I've asked a couple of them to write me a little blog blurb to share with everyone so you guys can see what everyone's experience has been like. I think the first day is the hardest, but the one thing I have heard from everyone is that by day 3 they have reduced cravings, they are not hungry and they feel amazing.  So I can't wait to hear from everyone and see their results!! I will be getting more early next week, so if you are interested in trying one- shoot me an email or scroll to the side and there is a paypal link for ya!

If you missed Jackie's experience- check it out here :)

*********Brittany's Cleanse Results are in 5.3 lbs!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell outta my chair this morning!!! 5.3 lbs is HUGE but I think the bigger victory is that she does not have the desire to drink pop! Something she was downing ALL day!!! Wow Wow WoW I can't wait for her to write her review for you guys!!!*********

Just a preview of what Brittany said about her cleanse! These are her actual messages to me :)

Day 2: I weigh myself basically every single day... always. My scale has literally not budged in weeks besides the occasional gain a pound/lose a pound, but I could NEVER get below a certain weight. This morning- two pounds less than the weight that I could never get below. I am very excited to say the least. SOOOO even though I was ready to cry at one point yesterday, I am going to stick it out. I have my bottle of Excedrin at hand... It is really sad that my body depends on caffeine so much. I wasn't hungry at all, it was just the whole lack of coffee/Diet Dr.Pepper that killed me. I went as far as going and grabbing a bottle of Diet Dr.Pepper and left it sitting on the counter in case I really needed it. I held out though and the headache passed and came back later in the night right before I left work. I just dealt with it and came home and went to bed. So today I am going to drink some black tea throughout the day as well and hopefully that will help! Thanks for all your advice! You're the best! :)

Update...i feel awesome today. I dont even want or need a pop. Ive had water all day. I cant believe it. Yayyyyy. And I feel leaner already. Maybe im crazy but I am pretty sure ive lost more today. This is much easier today than yesterday!

Final Results: OK... Are you ready?! 5.3lbs! Yayyyyy!!!!!! I would just say 5, but I'll take every ounce I got! I feel amazing. And get this... I was SOOOOO excited to be able to have my cup of coffee and egg whites this morning. I have a little routine and brew my coffee first and then drink a cup while my eggs are cooking. I took the first sip and LITERALLY almost threw it up. Are there drugs in that Shakeology or WHAT?! hahaha. I dumped it! AND... I made a cup of green tea! I know. I know.... Me, the girl who gagged like a little girl on the first day just smelling the green tea. I actually wanted it. I am going to continue to drink water first thing when I wake up. I think that is def a good way to start the day. But I'm feelin' good! 

Now... I need to know how to continue this. Adding food back in is going to be weird. So I had my egg whites with a little salsa and a slice of whole wheat toast, with my green tea. I will be going to the gym soon. After that I'll have my protein shake. Then where do I go from there? When should I drink the Shakeology? Eat? Etc? 

I am NOT picking my pop habit back up. It is going to be a treat every now and then. Hopefully my body will have the same reaction it did to the coffee and that will be the end for me. Three days with no Diet Dr. Pepper... that is a small miracle.

Oh, and another little addition... My skin and hair are like amazing today. I don't know if it's from the magic drug or because I stop drinking all the pop and replaced it with water. But BONUS!
And I LOVED getting this message:
I noticed a HUGE difference in my clothes today. Wow! I just put my gym clothes on...biggest difference is def my mid section. Soooo excited!