What are you fighting for?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So today SHOULD be my rest day...but it's not! And no, I am not being an over achiever and doing an extra workout. I am making up for my missed workout yesterday.  I swear, I was so exhausted- it was like my body KNEW I had a rest day coming up....so instead of pushing myself beyond my limit, I took the break. I stayed up wayyyy too late the night before watching that movie The Fighter (Im sorry but if Mark Wahlberg is on the screen I am NOT leaving the room lol Umm The Other Guys= freaking hilarious) but anywho....it got me thinking....
Everytime I go into my workout room, it's like I'm entering the boxing ring. And I have a BATTLE to fight. What am I fighting? poor health, obesity, heart disease, CELLULITE.  What I am fighting for? ME, My Beachbody, my FUTURE, my quality of life. 
Every workout....I think....I am bettering myself. Tonight is Kenpo...so every punch, every kick....I am going to be thinking...this is for ME, this is for ME and you know what...I am going to LOVE every minute of it.
So yes, I missed a workout- big whoop. I listened to my body and Im doing what's right for ME because I know that I am going to win this battle. I am going to be the 75 yr old woman who is still getting around and taking care of herself. I am going to be MY ROLE MODEL.
Get out there, fight for you! and love it!!!

Time to trim up my belly!!! Too many holiday treats this year lol  Have a great workout everyone!!!

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  1. I did the same thing as you...I rested yesterday and did Kenpo today. Our bodies must be in sync