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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I first attempted to start P90X, I didn't tell anyone I was doing it...I didn't reach out to even let anyone know that I had goals I was trying to achieve. And you know what happened? I gave up- it was easy to walk away from when things got hard. I did not know anyone else who was doing it. I didn't know who to turn to with my questions, so it was high frustration- low success. I gave up after about 3 weeks of doing it here and there. That is NOT the way I was going to get my BeachBody!!
Then I wonderful thing happened....I found a TEAM. I found my accountability partners. I found AMAZING friends. These people have became like my FAMILY.
Voicing your goals and having someone there to support you, encourage you, keep you going and push you makes ALL the difference.
I want YOU to be a part of that...because it is an unbelieveable feeling! Email me or find me on Facebook and join our team for FREE. We are all here for you, paying it forward!! Because we all understand just how special, important and impactful it is to have people there for you!!
If you know anyone who needs help losing weight, getting healthy, getting beach ready- send them here! Be a part of something BIGGER than you could ever imagine and trust me...your life will change in so many incredible ways...starting with you reaching your goal!!
So ask yourself....are you going to keep making the same new year's resolution every year? Or are you ready to BRING IT??