Melissa's P90X Results Day 60 Success Story

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ok these pics don't really even need an introduction because they are INSANE!! But...
I just HAD to spot light my team mate Melissa because these aren't even her Day 90 results!! She is on day 62!!! She's been doing P90X and drinking Shakeology Ow! Ow! AND she's a mom!!  Crazy right?! 

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Here is another mommy, Lauren, who had AWESOME success:
"This is crazy for me to look at but yes that's me! I was out of shape and totally depressed after having my precious son and letting my body go! I tried the gym, I tried prescription drug weight loss pills... everything. Then I took the plunge with Shakeology and P90X... knocked it out of the park. I am on a life long journey now.. it's all about health, wellness and living a full life! Don't miss out, get started now. I decided to help people do what I never dreamed I could! So... what are you waiting for?"

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Kati!!!! If I can do this, anyone can! It's all about consistency and keeping your eye on the prize! I am just a regular busy mommy like the rest of them, I just found the right group of people to keep me motivated and inspired! :D XO