How to cut a Pineapple Correctly!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sometimes I like to prove to myself that I could have indeed survived in more primitive times- so I will test myself! Today's example....Cutting a pineapple. I have never done this before! I always go for the cute little pineapple slices. Not today, I AM A WARRIOR!

Sharp Knife
Cutting board
It has no idea what's coming!

Remove the stalk! This baby twisted right off! I felt like I was decapitating something. Just grab & twist! Battle cry optional.
This is where things got tricky! I cut it in half, then slowly chopped off that crazy prickly sides. Apparently this was my fatal error! haha 
You're SUPPOSED to "skin" it like this....
Then remove those annoying pits with a potato peeler
Then you can slice it up! like this....
Or! If you wanna go crazzyyyy and be a can do this....
But here...we are working with the basics people! I just wanted a bowl of tropical goodness.
Hmm...while this whole little experience haha I think I'll stick with pre-sliced pineapple.