How do I stay motivated to workout?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We've all been there...something starts out as fun, exciting, challenging. Then it gets...challenging lol and we can get discouraged, distracted, disinterested.... So how do you stay motivated to workout?

Lately, I've been comparing everything in life to painting. It's the perfect analogy. You want to redecorate a room- you go through the super fun process of picking out a color and you start day dreaming about what it is going to look like, how you are going to accessorize and who knows...maybe you'll paint the hallway, get new furniture, get new curtains. Your mind races with ideas and it's so exciting to think about the possibilities of how great your room is going to look. (Ok, maybe this is just me...but bear with me..I LOVVEEE decorating!!!) 

So you get the supplies, you get the paint...and then you realize...ughhh I have to tape the baseboards off, move furniture, put drop clothes down, take the outlet covers off....ok fine...did it's time for the fun stuff! Paint + wall!! The first couple rolls are soooo satisfying...yea ugly wall color- TAKE THAT! HA-HA! 

Once that first little bit is up...suddenly iy's not so fun anymore. Your shoulder starts to hurt, you got some paint on the carpet and some in your hair, you realize that it's going to take two- maybe three coats and this officially SUCKS.

You start to question why that previous ugly color was so ugly. I mean, it wasn't THAT bad. You lived with it for so long wasn't hurting anyone. You may even start to hate the process or get mad at yourself when you drip paint or miss patches. But you have to keep in the WILL be worth it!!! 

Sometimes when you are in the process of changing something, it's easy to lose sight of WHY you were doing it in the first place. It's easy to lose sight of how you imagined you will feel when it's complete.  It's easy to get frustrated, mad, annoyed, discouraged...easy to give up for awhile and try to come back to finish it later. But then when you're finally finished and you set back to admire all of your hard work...don't discount your happiness, joy, elation, and that feeling of pride that YOU DID IT!! You set a worked HARD and you freaking did it!! 

When you set a fitness goal, sometimes you don't even realize what all goes into it. You don't think ahead to how you are going to handle social outings, lunch, late nights at the don't strategize for those days we all have when we feel discouraged, lack inspiration or defeated. 
It's a learning process which is why I try to share as much about my journey as I can. I want to cut other people's learning curves in half. I didn't know what I was getting myself into or how long it would take to get there or even what was truly involved in it. 
You have to learn how to treat yourself right- mind, body, and soul. Getting healthy isn't just about working out. You have to learn how to eat right, plan your day, hold yourself accountable, set goals, and always seek motivation! Never stop learning, never stop growing as a person. 
I was 25 before I understand how to eat right! yes, it was frustrating and discouraging at times...but it was also fascinating and satisfying to TAKE CHARGE of MY body, my life, my future!

Anywho, the whole reason I was thinking about this is because my GORGEOUS friend Miss Abby Fix put together a video about how to stay motivated and I wanted to share it with the class =)

  1. Set Short term AND long term goals
  2. Find Inspiration
  3. Get a Calendar (Figure out the best time for YOU to workout)
  4. Get a Partner! Share your Goals!!
  5. Celebrate Your Successes!
  6. Remember your goals!
  7. Put on your bikini or skinny jeans!
How do YOU stay motivated? Comment below or email me- I always love to hear ideas! =)