Polenta Lasagna

Sunday, January 29, 2012

HUGE thanks to Heidi from  http://fooddoodles.com for coming up with this AMAZING recipe!!! HElllloooo sunday night dinner!!! 
I love polenta.  Like really, I absolutely love the stuff, but it has to be made right.  Honestly, if you’re buying it in the tube at the grocery store and expecting it to taste good straight from the tube you’re going to be sadly disappointed like I was at first.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say even if you can get good polenta in a tube, you’re better off making it from scratch anyways.
The wonderful thing about this dish is the polenta layer can be left soft or it can be baked until the edges are crispy and crunchy and the inside is soft and creamy and delicious.  Completely up to you, and both ways are great.
Also, you can freeze polenta.  Although it doesn’t take much time to throw together it is incredibly helpful to make a large batch, cut into pieces and wrap in saran wrap.  Throw them in the freezer in a ziploc bag and you’re one step closer to enjoying this meal(or a crunchy snack) whenever.
Plus, I hope everyone knows already that tomato based sauces freeze especially well, so when you need dinner, just pull out a batch of polenta, some tomato sauce and throw it all together for a super yummy meal.  Of course using frozen polenta the bake time will be longer but you can just unwrap it, spritz or brush with oil and throw it in the oven, just be sure to watch that the bottom doesn’t burn before you realize it.