Brazil Butt Lift!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

25 days until the Bahamas!
It's that time again, the start to another Bombshell Challenge! Get your new mindset that THIS IS IT!!! This is the challenge that will get your bum into gear. I am HERE to HELP you achieve all the goals you have ever set for yourself and I want you to succeed! In order to set you up for success, we want to be sure you are armed with all the right tools so that you can NOT fail.

If you are fully committed to this challenge you MUST:

1. Check-in! Check-in with on our private Facebook group and each other every day!! We're here to support you and get you to your goals! We're holding you accountable!! Accountability ~ will keep you on track: 

First - share your workouts with other challengers AND some close friends/family! Having them on your side will make sticking to your efforts much easier! You help others get to the top, and they will thank you by providing you with motivation in return! It's a 100% Win/Win.. 

Second - use the entire Team Beachbody/Bombshell community to your advantage! Check-in each day with a breakdown of your Healthy Meals, Check-in after each workout and Check-in with any motivational success stories or thoughts you have. If your experiences help even one person get over that 'hump' wouldn't it be worth it?! 
Check-in on FacebookTwitter and especially the Bombshells on facebook!! Get inspired :) 
Once you're in the Challenge group, I'll add ya to our very own secret group! 

2. Daily Challenges ~ You'll be reminded each day that there is something new you are going to try! Being sure to set time aside for you is just as important as brushing your teeth and hydrating enough each day :)

3. Bombshell Calendar ~ Print it out and stick it on your computer, your fridge or even your Dashboard... anywhere you are sure to see it multiple times throughout the day. This will help you make sure never to miss out on what you need to do each day!

4. Shakeology- We are going to be replacing one meal a day with Shakeology! 

5. Proper Nutrition ~ Proper nutrition is a MUST!! I'm going to help get you there! With the Challenge packs, you get the Team Beachbody membership for FREE for 30 days. That gets you meal plans, grocery lists and a custom plan just for you! By sticking to the meal plan, you will be sure that you aren't taking in the wrong foods, or even the right foods at the wrong times! Follow it to get the best shot at holding on to those results for the long-term!

6. Motivation from your coach! ~ Remember that I'm here to help you get to where you have always dreamed of being! Expect daily motivation & challenges to really show you how much you are capable of :) 

Stick to the plan and don't worry if you fall off a bit here & there. Bounce back as soon & as strong as you can, and pick up where you left off! Your body will learn to adapt to the new pace faster than you ever imagined :)

Your nutrition rules throughout the challenge...

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water... at least. Ex: 150 lbs = 75 ounces throughout the day.
  • Eat a LEAN, GREEN & CLEAN dinner!!! No heavy starches (breads), cheeses or fried food at dinner. Yes... you can have the occasional drink, but keep it minimal. We prefer you to have a glass of red wine a couple times a week or a vodka soda with fresh lime or crushed raspberries.
  • Say bye-bye to all chemicals in your diet that causes you to hold onto stubborn fat cells & cause hunger and cellulite, and you can say hello to abs, a healthy brain, healthy joints, a functioning liver, beautiful skin and a higher metabolism. Chemicals in artificial sweeteners can also cause cancer, so we're going to get rid of them for 6 weeks... at least! Stay all natural and be clear of aspartame, 'skinny lattes' & diet sodas and stick to the real stuff. We like organic sugar, almond milk instead of creamers, soda waters with fruit instead of soda, stevia packets instead of aspartame, agave instead of splenda etc... if you EVER have any questions about this, please ask!
Where are the harsh chemicals hidden? Diet coke and most diet sodas, most flavored waters (unless all natural), splenda packets when you get your coffee, boxed 'diet' foods, non-organic yogurt (which is loaded, by the way), sugar-free coffee creamers, some 'protein bars' and some protein powders that aren't organic. 

You should be able to pronounce all ingredients on the side of your packaging. This is SO important. You're now asking, well what do I eat!? Ask me anytime, but stick to real food that is LEAN & CLEAN.

What do we drink instead of soda? A nice glass of water will do. Try adding crushed fresh fruit to your water. Instead of splenda in your coffee, add some all natural honey or 1 natural sugar packet. YES, I'm saying to have calories instead of chemicals. You're abs and body will thank us later. What about yogurt? Instead of the non-organic yogurts, grab an all natural kind, like 0%-1% Chobani, Fage, or Stonyfield Greek yogurt~ they're loaded with protein too!

And speaking of protein... protein never upset anyone's stomach. If you're eating lean, clean protein, you will not get gassy or bloated. Why do some protein powders cause this? It's not the protein, but the chemicals that are in them to mask the taste. We like organic, sprouted brown rice protein. We've fallen victim to the protein powders before, so check your labels and don't make our mistake too. Okay, we could go on for hours...

What to avoid... Ingredients that you can't pronounce and splenda, aspartame & sweet 'N low. Also, watch for high fructose corn syrup and hidden sugars in 'low fat foods'. We know this seems like a lot, but when you think about it, just eat what mother nature gave you!!! You'll end up with a lean, toned body when you eat natural. It doesn't need to be organic either. Just natural.


The focus is on continuing to make fitness fun!!! You've got to keep it exciting! Instead of doing the same thing ever day, or even going to the same place, mix it up! 
Open up your options to include new activities or classes you’ve never tried before! When was the last time you did something for the first time?! Whatever the answer is, it probably wasn’t recent enough :) 

How to make 2012 YOUR year!

Push Yourself! ~ When was the last time you played in an organized sports league? Join a soccer program, or a flag football, or even a Water Polo league! You’d be surprised at how many your town offers. You may even start making friends that are there for the same reason :) Bonus!

Get your Friends Involved! ~ How many of your friends can you think of who are looking for the same excitement and fun in their lives... we know of a few, so we grab them by the hand & introduce them to to the workouts you love! Invite them to join the group! Have them introduce you to new things that they love! I've gone to jazzercise classes, name it- Ive tried it! Whichever way it works out, get your friends involved!

Create a Goal together! ~ Plan a beach trip with your friends! This way you all have a common goal to work towards, and a specific time frame to get it done it! You want to glow in those cute bikinis, and look fierce out at night in those loose fitting sun-dresses! Get to work.

Sign up for something you’ve NEVER Done! ~ Tough Mudder? 10k race? Triathalon?! Do something you never thought you’d be able to do, and give yourself time to train. You’ll be AMAZED at how focused you become when you have a deadline approaching! Remember what we’ve said in the past, The only difference between a Dream and a Goal is the Deadline :)

Have FUN with it! ~ It's sooo important to remember to enjoy the challenges, enjoy the effort, and enjoy the journey! We all know the saying ‘A Watched pot never Boils’.. same is true for fitness.. ‘A Watched Scale NEVER MOVES!’ Don’t get discouraged if you don’t lose that 12 lbs overnight, or if you don’t see your abs come through the day after a great core workout.. enjoy the exercise, enjoy the sweat, enjoy the challenge! You’ll go a lot further with your results than you can imagine! Especially since those that don't work for the result end up crash dieting, seeing a small, superficial result and quit! Then they are back to where they were, and just as unhappy as before. Stick to the plan, and have FUN with the journey!

Your first challenge? Share this with a friend or family member & commit to do the challenge together :)

Your Coach,