Nutrition Tips

Friday, March 16, 2012

Instead of my typical post today, I wanted to share my response to an email. Hopefully she finds it helpful and maybe you can pick up some tips and tricks that will work for you!

Hello Kati. My name is Amber and I'm fixing to start the P90X work out. I tried it once but I didn't stick to it. I was 20 pounds heavier than I am now. I just kind of threw myself in not being prepared. I've lost 20 pounds since by just changing my diet. Also. When I started P90X the first time, I was still eating crap. The diet kind of messed me up. This time I've ordered Shakeology and am 100% sure I'm going to get through it. I've been going to the gym about four times a week but some days I just want a little light lifting and cardio. My children just really love the childcare there so it does allow me to get a workout in without having to worry about their care. I'm 5'7 and 164.0 pounds right now. So here are my questions for you and goals. 

Also. did you do the regular P90X or the Lean version? 

1. Can you give me an example of what you would eat. I think that's going to be my biggest challenge honestly. I'm not great with picking food. Also. I don't eat or drink lots of dairy. If so it's almond cheese and almond milk, but they're in SUPER small quantities. 

2. My husband is a BioChemist, so we have lots of engagements. Again, I can always eat before going to the engagements and usually they have most foods that I can still eat if I get hungry that are low carb choices for me. But the thing that gets me is the Alcohol. I know one of the WORST things to consume especially when you're trying to get into killer shape. I usually go with red wine. Do you have any recommendations? 

3. Since we have finalized that we are good with two children I see no sense in being out of shape anymore. My goal is to get down to the weight I was in college (I'm 29 now), which is 130.0-140.0 pounds. That's what I want. 

Seriously, THANK YOU for doing this. As I think it's amazing that you take time out of your day and own life to help others. I know I can do this, I just don't know where to start besides ordering Shakeology and thinking about what I should eat. Also. I used to use regular 100% whey protein. Why is this different from Shakeology? I ordered TWO bags of Shakeology so I don't run out when I have my second month starting. I plan to start my workouts on Monday. Shakeology doesn't get here till Monday or Tuesday. 

Nutrition is without question THE most important factor for your results which is WHY I spend the majority of my time on that. And I dont eat dairy typically- someone how Im a greek yogurt kick right now (not the flavored kind!!)

Basic rules I follow....

***ALWAYS pair Lean Protein with a complex carb (Oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast, Chicken and brown rice for lunch)

***water is your BFF Drink at least half your weight in ounces Sooo guess what sister...figure out how many times to refill your water bottle each day to get to 82 oz. Have a 20 oz bottle? put 4 rubber bands around it and remove a rubberband each time you drink 20 oz

****1 piece of fruit per day and have it in the am

**No carbs after 3p so if you want oatmeal, rice, pasta, etc...that is your breakfast or lunch. After 3 its all protein plus VEGGIES. I eat UNLIMITED veggies

**Read your labels! Over 6 grams of sugar or fat? PUT IT BACK!

PREPARE YOUR MEALS!!!!! You should be eating 5-6 times a day. So why wouldnt you prepare your stuff ahead of time. it is without question what keeps me from cheating.

Dont think this is all or nothing! Slip up? ohhh congrats- guess what youre human  

I have a ton of recipes and meal plans on my blog that you can check out and find something that works for YOU

#2 Do your goals align with your actions? How important is alcohol to you really? If you cannot go 90 days without might want to re-evaluate your relationship with those beverages. One glass here and there...ok fine. But I have such a low tolerance for alcohol and slight annoyance bc I know people who abuse it =/ I just dont feel like it does anything positive for you.
If you want to drink socially, one thing I do so people dont question tonic with lime OR tonic with lime haha and I just hold it all night

#3 DREAM BOARD BABY! I want you to do 2 things...

a) write down your goals. I WILL weight 135 lbs by June 2012. This goal is important to me because it will make me feel ___________. I will accomplish this by __________. 
b) think of 3 negative things you tell yourself...(ex I am just not "one of those people" I can never stick with something) and then write the OPPOSITE positive affirmation. (Ex: I AM worth it! I WILL finish what I started! )

WHEY vs Shakeology.

Whey protein is just that...a protein source from whey. It's great for building muscle, can be used as a protein substitute for a meal or can be used as a recovery drink

SHAKEOLOGY is a MEAL REPLACEMENT HEALTH Shake loaded with all of the nutrients your body needs and craves. Be advised...the first body will essentially be "cleansing" itself and becoming more...ahem....regular haha I was seriously like what is up with my tummy. For me personally, the first week I was gassy and just unsure of the whole thiing. That was basically me getting rid of all of the crap (pizza rolls! and ice cream! lol)
But now, my cravings for those types of foods are mostly gone. The whey protein is a one trick pony vs shakeology which has your equal parts protein/carbs (the perfect balanced meal) plus prebiotics, digetive enzymes, antioxidents, etc...

Hope that helps you!

Ohh and I did the lean, but honestly you cant go wrong. I feel like the lean is a little easier. As your progress, you can do Plyo instead of cardio but it totally kicked my butt regardless. Do your best, forget the rest! and over time you will improve.

Ohh and another thing...I follow the

"Breakfast like a kind, lunch like a prince, diner like a pauper" 
In other words, I taper off my eating as the day goes by 730-8pm I am soooo sick of eating that even when I go out...I just cant eat anymore haha 
Grab a book called "The Eat Clean Diet Recharged" by Tosca Reno SUPER HELPFUL
And when youre out at those functions...remember your goals. remember whats important to you.