I'm back! Beachbody Vegas Trip

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heyyyyy, I'm backkkk!!! It feels soooo awesome to get back and into my routine =) We had such an amazing time- I have to gather all of my pictures together and post them but I can already tell you that my favorite aspect of summit was being together with my team.
The energy and positivity was incredible- plus it was a lot of fun. I've never been to Vegas- it was larger than life. 
But oh my goodness- still being in Santa Monica I forgot that people still smoke! Eeeeekkkk!! Why is that still a thing? gross!
There really is something special about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Our mission with Beachbody is to end the trend of obesity and help people live healthy/fulfilling lives. 
When I really sit down and think about what that means...it's more to me than helping "people"  Sometimes the word "people" sounds so vague and impersonal. It's about helping Jennifer and Renee and Megan. It's about helping a person FEEL good about themselves and in their own skin. It's about helping someone reclaim their self confidence so they can free themselves from stressing about their body and allow them to clear that mental space so they can focus on their DREAMS.
One thing that really struck me this last week was people's judgement and perspectives. If you look at the picture above...someone who doesn't know us might assume we are snobs...or have always been fit. NOT TRUE! Every single one of these girls is sweet and would do ANYTHING to help others. They have struggled with food and weight and together we have CONQUERED those obstacles. This picture represents some much. To me it says "Together we are BETTER" it says "people helping people" it says "we are STRONG!"
If that is something You are passionate about- then maybe you should think about joining us. It's more than just "looking good" It's about living up to your highest potential and then paying it forward and helping others do the same. Email me if you feel me on this!

Here is an awesome example! I came home to see that Lindsey had posted her Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology results from 5 weeks! She looks amazing!!! THIS is what it's all about! She was gorgeous before but the confidence from the first to last picture is unbelievable! That's what I love!
I'm about to start my next 4 week Brazil Butt Lift challenge group! So let me know if you want in on it! It's all about changing your eating habits and working those problem areas! 
I'm not going to lie...while in Vegas...I kinda ate my face off! There was amazing food everywhere I turned! So I thought...I'm going to enjoy myself =) 
But no worries...as soon as we got back I was right back to eating healthy. That's why I am sooo glad I became a coach. It's that constant accountability! I no longer feel depressed or upset when I get derailed because I KNOW I have a team of people who will help me back on the bandwagon when I get home.
We enjoyed an amazing Indian dinner- veggie soup (my fav) with brown rice, chicken and veggies. Sooooo satisfying AND I love eating healthy because you actually FEEL better after without that nasty heavy feeling.
More good news! I got furniture for my CA apartment! Living on the beach = my dream come true. Now I just need some area rugs, art and throw pillows and I'll be set. I'm thinking BRIGHT blues and greens. I need some COLOR up in here! Let me know if you ladies have any awesome sites I should check out for this- I've been stalking Overstock.com lol 
After the amazing soup we had, I was inspired to make my own. The cool thing about making soup is....#1 it's healthy and tastes awesome #2 it's easy #3 you have several meals for DAYS!

1 onion chopped 
    2 Cups carrots, sliced 
    1 Cup celery, including leaves 
    3 garlic cloves, 
    black pepper to taste
    8 Cups Veggie broth
    2 Cups chopped tomatoes (I used diced in the can! CHECK THE LABEL!! Look for a brand with JUST tomato!! Forget all of that crap they add!!)
    2 Cups WHITE kidney beans 
    2 Veggie Bullion cubes 
    3 C baby spinach
Then I cooked some chicken separately and added it =)
 For another awesome soup recipe, check out Zesty Spinach Soup