21 Day Fix Extreme

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The 21 Day Fix EXTREME is coming! 
 Seriously, how cool is Beachbody? For achieving Elite, they not only sent us this AMAZING personalized roses...but I also got a SNEAK PEEK exclusive dvd of the new 21 Day Fix Extreme workout that is coming out in Feb 2015. 

How hard could it be? :P
 Pre & Post workout selfie! Dirty 30 Extreme
Autumn's first program, The 21 Day Fix, is targeted to beginner & intermediate exercises.
One of my favorite workouts from 21DF is called "Dirty 30"

4 rounds of fat-burning exercises including sumo squats, close leg squats, alternate shoulder raises, some ab work.

21 Day Fix EXTREME:  All new workouts coming out in Feb 2015! This is all about increased intensity & getting shredded. Designed for athletes and people who have completed multiple rounds of the 21DF or other extreme programs like the P90X series or Insanity. 

Dirty 30 Extreme steps it up a notch. You need two pairs of weight (light and heavy). There are 3 Rounds plus 1 mini bonus round and all of the moves focus on Shoulders, Arms and your core (you will work your back and arms a little as well). I loved that she incorporated some balance moves to really burn your booty.

It might just be more- but Autumn looks more tight and toned than ever before. It's EXTREMELY motivating to watch her (helloo ABs!)
You only get 10 sec breaks between rounds to grab your water. By the end you are sweating and the post workout stretch is absolute heaven. 

What’s Included in the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

  • 7 brand new, intense 30-minute workouts
  • Every workout will require weights or resistance bands (I recommend 3-15 lbs) 
  • 21 Day Countdown to Competition menu plan for EXTREME results
  • Perfectly portions containers for the workouts

While we are waiting for the new workout to be released, start your journey with Beachbody's best seller:

(Order the 21 Day Fix here or the Challenge Pack here)

Check out a sneak peek of the new 21 Day Fix Extreme here